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Lehmann Audio Linear Mounting Kit
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Lehmann Audio Linear Mounting Kit

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Lehmann Audio Linear Mounting Kit

The Lehmannaudio mounting kit is perfect for mounting the Linear, Linear USB, Stamp or PWX under your desk/shelf, saving valuable desk space and resulting in the perfect space saving audiophile set-up. Use the mounting kit with the Linear or Linear USB pre amp and a Stamp power amp and you have a high quality pre/power that you can use with desktop speakers and/or with headphones.

The Lehmannaudio models have always been ideal if you require a space saving audiophile solution to full size separates. This mounting kit takes that one step further, allowing you to mount your Lehmannaudio items underneath your desktop or shelf and save even more space on top.

Compatible with the following models:

  • Linear Headphone Amp
  • Linear USB Headphone Amp
  • Stamp Power Amplifier
  • PWX Power Supply

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