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Structure borne vibration affects virtually every piece of audio equipment, but its effects are most damaging to the tiny signals read and processed by source components such as CD players and non-isolated turntables. Even amplifiers will benefit.

Vibration enters audio components via the feet & the chassis, reducing clarity, smearing detail and distorting frequency response. Eliminating this structural resonance in audio equipment results in instantaneous audible improvements; increases in soundstaging, improved imaging and (most importantly) smoother more natural tonal balance.

We stock the very best in isolation products from Audiophile Base, Atacama, Avid, Ayre Acoustics, Clearaudio, Clearlight Audio, Finite Elemente, Foculpod, Isonoe, Musicworks, Naim Audio and Nordost.

Analogue Studio Isolation Analogue Studio Isolation
Atacama Atacama
Atlas Isolation Atlas Isolation
Audiophile Base Audiophile Base
Audioquest Audioquest
Ayre Acoustics Ayre Acoustics
bFly Audio bFly Audio
Black Ravioli Isolation Black Ravioli Isolation
Blue Horizon Blue Horizon
Cardas Cardas
Clearaudio Isolation Clearaudio Isolation
Clearlight Audio Clearlight Audio
Dali Isolation Dali Isolation
Finite Hi Fi Finite Hi Fi
Foculpod / Polipod Foculpod / Polipod
Funk Firm Isolation Funk Firm Isolation
Gingko Audio Gingko Audio
Harmonix Harmonix
Hi Fi Racks Hi Fi Racks
IsoAcoustics IsoAcoustics
IsoKinetik Isolation IsoKinetik Isolation
Isonoe Audio Isolation System Isonoe Audio Isolation System
Michell Engineering Michell Engineering
Musicworks Isolation Musicworks Isolation
Naim Audio Naim Audio
Nasotec Isolation Nasotec Isolation
Nordost Nordost
Oyaide Oyaide
Pro-Ject Pro-Ject
PS Audio Isolation PS Audio Isolation
Quadraspire Isolation Quadraspire Isolation
Ringmat Ringmat
Shakti Audio Innovations Shakti Audio Innovations
Shun Mook Shun Mook
Stillpoints Stillpoints
Synergistic Research
Tonar Isolation Accessories Tonar Isolation Accessories
Townshend Townshend
Vibrapod Vibrapod
Chord Company Isolation Chord Company Isolation
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