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Lehmann Audio Phono Stages

Lehmann audio has been developing and manufacturing high end audio equipment for professional and consumer use, since 1988.

In early 1998 I changed the name from ENTEC to Lehmannaudio to avoid a trademark conflict with another company of the same name. I am an audio engineer and familiar with studio electronics as well as with special circuit design rules that are important for best sonic results. I am in continued contact to other engineers and circuit designers of high-tech companies.

I give special attention to the fact that high-end audio experiences should be made available to as many music lovers as possible. This means that my devices are affordable: No hype - all engineering!

The Black Cube phono stage was the result of several years of custom-order manufacturing of phono stages and the first Lehmannaudio device to be crafted in small series. In the meantime this little device has gained a really fantastic reputation and has received many enthusiastic reviews and some awards around the world. Phono stage design culminated for me in the Silver Cube phono stage

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Page 1 of 1:    7 Items
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