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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement Phono Stage
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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement Phono Stage

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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement Phono Stage

The Black Cube Statement is an entry level model in the award winning Black Cube phono stage range from Lehmann Audio, offering excellent value for money. Appreciated by critics and music lovers alike, the Statement is a compact high performance phono stage that is compatible with practically all available cartridges on the market from high output MM to MC.

The Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement utilises a double sided circuit board and comprises audiophile Burr Brown gain stages. The features include; low ESR electrolytic caps throughout the circuitry, gold plated DIP-switches, noise metal film type resistors and an over-dimensioned AC adaptor to supply constant power.

Due to the compact size of the Statement it can easily be placed near to the turntable to reduce the necessary cable length to as small as possible, further reducing loss and interference. Lehmann are renown for their special attention to detail and the Statement is no exception. This case even features includes a non-magnetic covering to cut down on unwanted resonance and electrical interference. A phono amp with many fans, offering a taste of Lehmann performance at an excellent price.

The standard Black Cube can be upgraded to SE spec at a later date with the addition of the PWX power supply (which is the same price as the Black Cube SE, allowing you to easily upgrade later for the same price overall).

'Its sound is open and quick, with very good insight and also excellent extension at both frequency extremes, and its lack of hum and low noise level are welcome'

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  • Gain at 1kHz:     31dB, 41dB, 51dB, 61dB selectable
  • Signal to noise ratio:  80db - 60dB depending on selected gain
  • Input capacitance:   100pF
  • Input impedances:  47 kOhm, 1k Ohm, 100 Ohm switchable underneath the unit, 1 slot for a custom load
  • Output impedance: <100 Ohm
  • RIAA filter:     passive equalization between two linear gain stages
  • Soft Bass Rolloff:  6dB/oct. @60Hz jumper activated
  • Inter-channel mismatch:  typ. 0,5dB
  • Power consumption:  3W with external AC power adaptor
  • Dimensions:  audio section  103 x 108 x 45mm³

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