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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Decade Jubilee MM/MC Phono Stage
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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Decade Jubilee MM/MC Phono Stage

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Lehmann Audio Black Cube Decade Jubilee MM/MC Phono Stage

The Decade Jubilee enhances the playing back of records to a new level even for the most demanding pleasure listeners. By using the entire passive RIAA network from its big brother Silver Cube, the Decade Jubilee is able to produce perfect transient response and channel balance. Paired with the PWX II LC power supply allows for a substantially powerful and relaxed reproduction.

Because of the powerful discrete output stage, the Decade Jubilee can demonstrate all its sonic assets, even when using long cables. The finest details are shown off with clarity and characterised by an effortless ease. Selecting your desired settings is simple, the important functions are able to be switched using the convenient toggles located on the front panel of the unit. Inside the device, the signals reach their destination in dual mono via one relay per channel, because of this, the crosstalk behaviour is enhanced and helps to keep the signal paths short and more efficient, this means you will enjoy your music in an even more 3D-like and immediate way.
The audio section of the Decade Jubilee has ample support in the form of the PWX II LC power supply. Due to the significantly increased use of copper and an elaborate capacitor upgrade, the improved power supply is now an appropriately efficient energy source, because of this, the Decade Jubilee is able to handle transients even faster. Both the audio section and the power supply rest on the refined 3S feet that were specially designed by Lehmannaudio and bring total calmness into the sound image.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-precise passive RIAA equalisation network
  • Powerful Class A output stage
  • Custom impedance slot
  • Front panel operated gain setting
  • Soft bass roll-off filter
  • PWX II LC power supply
  • Non-magnetic aluminium housing
  • RCA Sockets with gold-plated contacts
  • Shielded power supply cable

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