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Behind Brinkmann Audio the company stands Helmut Brinkmann, the company’s Founder and Chief Designer. Helmut's brother was a musician, and Helmut's 35-year journey in audio engineering started in those early years, modifying and fixing the amps and electronics his brother used playing Germany's clubs and discos.

Brinkmann Audio began in 1985, and the company represents Helmut’s never-ending search for the “perfect illusion” that is truly magical music playback. Brinkmann’s designs are not “cost-optimized,” aimed instead at pursuing the best performance with the most meticulous precision. Because every single part, large or small, influences a component’s sound, even the tiniest screws are examined and only the best-sounding parts are used throughout Brinkmann’s products. Brinkmann Audio is based in Germany.

The Brinkmann turntables offer German engineering at its very best with  exceptional melding of beauty and smooth function. They deliver a gorgeous balanced sound and a romantic mix of virtues. 

With gorgeous styling, smart execution and muscular sonic delivery wrapped up in a neat package. 

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items
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