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Oyaide INS-SP Spike Stabiliser – Pack of 4
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Oyaide INS-SP Spike Stabiliser – Pack of 4

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Oyaide INS-SP Spike Stabiliser – Pack of 4

The superiority of the spike is actually enhancing response, S/N ratio and resolution due to the controlling vibration propagation at a point. Generally, for the spikes, spike bases are used together in order not to damage the floor. And it is well known that the characteristic of a spike base influences the total sound quality.

The body is made of RoHS compliant pure brass which is specialized for the hi-fi sound by reducing impurities such as lead, iron, or cadmium which may cause turbidity of sound. The body, hole and taper angle are trimmed by NC machining which is extremely accurate. And, to apply “half-bright chrome plating” on the body, it gives not only higher rigidity and durability to the surface of INS-BS but also the beauty to the texture. On one side of INS-BS, a carbon FRP board is attached for the stability of the contact surface and induction for vibration to the body. And, the CFRP board is 0.01mm projected upward from the body which enables to make only the board contact to the surface.

φ20 4mm deep concave in which INS-CF can be set-in for enhancing Signal-to-Noise ratio and altering the timbre of the playback sound impression. A hole for the screw mount is placed on the centre which enables to attach INS-BS directly to the devices.

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