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Aurender N20 Music Server/Streamer
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Aurender N20 Music Server/StreamerAurender N20 Music Server/StreamerAurender N20 Music Server/Streamer

Aurender N20 Music Server/Streamer

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Aurender N20 Music Server/Streamer

The new model N20 is an upgraded-in-every-way N10, much like how the W20SE evolved from the original W20. All new circuit topologies inside and a fresh new cosmetic exterior make this a product sure to be a big success.

Highlights and Features

  • The brand new linear power supply for N20 utilizes 2 transformers, 4 cores, large audio-grade capacitors, and isolated grounding! It is extremely sophisticated and dead quiet! A power supply this good contributes immediately audible improvements to any audio component.
  • Grounding for the SPDIF outputs is now isolated by a separate transformer for an even lower noise floor on AES/EBU, Coax RCA & BNC, and Toslink outputs compared to N10.
  • All new circuit boards populated with higher precision OCXO clock and oscillator exhibiting 4 to 10 times more stability (frequency stability vs. load) than the N10. Musicality, timing, pace and rhythm are greatly enhanced.
  • Like A30, ACS10 and ACS100, the N20 features a built-in super capacitor-based uninterruptible power supply. This prevents disc and operating system corruption in the event of an abrupt power outage by safely shutting down the system.
  • A word clock input facilitates syncing N20 with an external word clock.
  • N20 features a full color 8.8” 1980 x 480 wide screen as found on A30. The chassis size is just slightly taller than the N10 giving it a more substantial appearance.
  • The N20 is supplied without hard drives installed. As with N100SC and ACS100, hard drives are the customer’s choice. Each of the two rear panel mounting sleds accommodates a 1, 2,4 or 8TB 2.5 inch SSD or up to 5TB 15mm height 2.5inch HDDs. Since users have different storage requirements, we feel this is the best way to satisfy everyone.
  • Next-generation USB Audio Class 2.0 Module designed with an emphasis on lowering jitter and lowest possible latency.
  • Like the W20SE and ACS10, the N20 uses a double isolated LAN port for filter out router induced noise.
  • Double the DRAM (8GB) of the N10 providing ample system resource for support of native DSD 512 playback.
  • Improved and higher capacity SSD for caching. Upgraded to 500GB M2 NVME. N10 uses a 2.5” 240GB SATA.
  • Available in silver or black finish.

Intel Quad Core
Front Panel Display
8.8" 1920 x 480 WIDE IPS COLOR LCD
SSD for System and Cache
500GB M.2 NVME
Content Storage
No Storage installed. Two slots for 2.5inch 15mm/7mm HDD/SSDs
SPDIF Digital Audio Outputs
1 x RCA Coax
1 x BNC (75Ω)
1 x TOSLINK up to 24-bit / 192 kHz
Precision DSD to PCM conversion on SPDIF Outputs
Up to DSD512 to 88.2/176.4kHz
SPDIF Output Isolation
Isolated By Separate Transformer core Full Linear Power Supply
USB Audio Type
Module Type
Data USB
2 x USB 3.0 (Rear)
Dedicated Audio USB Port
1 x USB AUDIO Class 2.0
USB Audio Output Specification
PCM: Up to 768kHz DSD : DoP - Up to DSD256
Native - Up to DSD512
Main Clock Accuracy
OCXO Based Precision Jitter Reducing Clock Generator Frequency stability: ±5x10-9
1 x Double-Isolated Gigabit Ethernet
Internal UPS for safe shutdown
Super Capacitor Based
Power Transformer
1(50W) for CPU, 2(35W,4 cores) for Digital Audio Output
16.9 x 4.4 x 14.0 in (430 x 111x 353 mm)
30 lbs (13.5 kg)

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