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Anthem STR Power Amplifier
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Anthem STR Power AmplifierAnthem STR Power AmplifierAnthem STR Power Amplifier

Anthem STR Power Amplifier

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Anthem STR Power Amplifier

Anthem STR Stereo Power Amplifier is at the centre world leading two-channel system delivering huge amounts of power, in a very stylish package. The Anthem STR is an integral part of Anthem's premium STR Series, world leaders control and power.

Two-Channel Revolution

The STR Power Amplifier delivers a huge 400 Watts per channel into 8 ohms when both channels are in operation, a massive 600 Watts channel into 4 ohms, with both channels, and 800 watts in 2 ohms, for true high power performance.

By using two massive transformers and many high-current output devices, the STR manages to effortlessly reveal a recordings details and the dynamic peaks are handled correctly and efficiently. The exterior of the STR has been designed with the final aesthetic being carefully considered, this includes a 7" control display and highly conductive audiophile connectors are a perfect match to the STR Preamplifier.

Cascoded Feedback Stage

The STR Power Amplifier benefits from Anthems own input topology, which is different from the classic differential input stage. The amplifier has the potebtial for eight low-noise devices, which have been configured in a to reduce distortion, with an exceptionally linear frequency response and superior wide bandwidth. Furthermore, the transistors have been hand selected for the critical stages and matched for the lowest possible distortion.

16 Bipolar Output Devices

The designers at Anthem have added sixteen bipolar output devices per channel, which gives peak production instantaneous and effortless. By using multiple bipolar output devices in class AB design significantly reduces distortion while while maintaining linearity, and an extensive wide bandwidth. With the STR the power and dynamics are huge, you can have 800 watts delivering into 2-ohm loads, 400 watts into 8 ohms, or 600 watts into 4 ohms continuously, with both channels being driven.

Toroidal Transformers

This amplifier has a clean low-profile design which is shaped to minimize hum, the low-impedance toroidal power transformers, with one for each channel, are capable of delivering a continuous supply of power, with low noise.

To maximise and ensure a clean power path the STR has been designed to control for internal cabling inductance and power supply impedance. The amplifier channels are therefore capable of delivering continuous and stable power without any cross interference, even with lowest impedances. The majority of amplifiers have trouble driving lower impedance loads, whereas the STR remains perfectly stable, irrespective of the conditions.

No Rail Fuses

The STR prevents any accidental circuit breaking by employing a sequence-controlled soft turn-on design that significantly reduces transients in the power line and in-rush currents at starting. The amplifiers sections are directly connected to the power supply capacitor bank. By, directly connecting the sections to the power supply, means output impedance is low whilst giving more power to the amplifier. At low or complex impedance loads, the result is an audibly superior level of performance.

Power On/Off Options

In addition to the normal power switching, the STR Power Amplifier allows trigger mode, so the amplifier senses when an audio signal is added, so you the user don not need to switch on the amplifier. The powering automation is useful when using a preamplifier with Home Theater Bypass mode , combined with a surround sound processor in the same system.

Advanced Load Monitoring

The STR uses Anthems ALM technology which continuously monitors the internal temperature, the current and the voltage to ensure the amplifier can be run for extensive periods of time. The ALM technology is not in the signal path, so it does not interfere. Alternatively, ALM starts instantaneously, but only in extreme cases, to protect your speakers and amplifier from any potential damage, and consequently lowers the possibility of blowing a fuse, during an over-current condition. The operating status of the amplifier is displayed on the front panel.

Hand-Built Quality Components

The Anthem STR Amplifiers have been completely created in Canada. Starting from the design stage to the the production process, Anthem controls the whole intricate production process, paying close attention to the details only using high quality components, many of which have been designed and engineered in-house.

Audiophile Binding Posts

With amplifier such as this that has such large power capability, it has been built with large connections, which are bespoke oversized five-way binding posts. The binding posts offer a degree of flexibility, you need for large gauge bare wire connections. The jackets are colour coded with insulated, non-conductive jackets which ensure fast, and solid connections without any potential interference or ghosting.


  • Power Out: 8/4/2Ω, (400/600/800W)
  • THD (400W) 0.0007%/0.004% (1/20kHz)
  • IMD (300W): ITU-R (19+20kHz) 0.0006% 
  • SMPTE: (60+7k Hz) 0.0016%
  • SNR (IEC-A, ref 400W): 121dB
  • Freq Response: (20Hz - 20kHz) ±0.1dB
  • Bandwidth (-3dB @400W, 8Ω): 91kHz
  • Slew Rate: 30 V/μs
  • Damping Factor: (20Hz - 1kHz) 360
  • Ch Separation: 101/98dB (100/10k Hz)
  • In Impedance: 10/15kΩ (RCA/XLR)
  • In Sensitivity (400W, 8Ω): 2.1Vrms
  • Voltage Gain: 29dB


  • Power Required: 220-240/120V (50/60Hz)
  • Standby Consumption: 310mW
  • Idle Consumption: 65W
  • Typical Playback: 150W - 300W
  • High Playback: 600W - 1100W
  • Dimensions (HWD): 172 x 432 x 470mm
  • Weight: 27.3kg (60lbs)

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