Graham Slee Accession Moving Magnet Phono Stage
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 Graham Slee Accession Moving Magnet Phono StageGraham Slee Accession Moving Magnet Phono Stage 

Graham Slee Accession Moving Magnet Phono Stage

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Graham Slee Accession Moving Magnet Phono Stage 

Please note you will require either the PSU-1 or Enigma Power supply with this . Please select from the options above. 

New for 2016! The Accession phono preamp is available in natural silver or black dyed anodic film finish.

New Fluid Sound - New Useful Features

If you're serious about vinyl the new Accession is the phono preamp you'll definitely want.

The Accession uses a different kind of technology which reveals much more musical detail and goes even further in relegating vinyl's bad points.

It has some really useful features too - fixed or variable output levels - front panel volume control - selectable EQ settings - and more...

The Sound

The impeccable sound of the Accession takes music from vinyl and sets it on a new higher pedestal – it's what all vinyl lovers will want to hear.

Previously overlooked technology has been perfected to extract much more of what's hidden in the music on vinyl records.

Record Equalisation Isn't What Most Think It Is

Its design recognises something virtually all other phono preamps don't - that record equalisation isn't what most think it is!

Record equalisation is quite a convoluted process complicated by historical and physical technical limitations - for records to work at all required some considerable compromises simply to cut and press the groove.

This is why record EQ exists and why the phono preamp has the job of correcting it.

But there's something else contributing to the EQ which the phono preamp has to correct — the actual cartridge being used to play records has a rising response.

Here we're not talking about something subtle — it is a real rising response few understand — the cartridge output is rising at a rate of 6dB per octave, a 45 degree slope, and it's completely different to the EQ applied to the record.

Even so, ever since the magnetic cartridge came on the scene — the cartridge type we all use today — phono preamp designers have looked at the combined EQs of record and cartridge as being one.

The Accession Changes It All

Treating the two quite different EQs separately, the Accession first strips away the cartridge's contribution to the frequency response. It then deals with the record EQ.

Thinking about it, the record's own EQ was applied when the record was recorded, and even if you just bought the record you're playing today that event happened some time ago — whereas the phono cartridge is applying its rising response in real time now as the record is playing — these are two completely separate events in time.

The Features And Their Benefits

The package of features the Accession phono preamp provides makes it really flexible allowing it to fulfill a number of roles.

  • Adjustable and fixed level outputs
  • Volume / output level control
  • RIAA, NAB (American) and FFRR (British) vinyl record EQ's
  • Flat / CA (constant amplitude) alternative EQ
  • Mono / stereo switch
  • Four cartridge capactive loading options: 100pf; 220pf; 320pf and "out"

In a frugal or minimalist vinyl only system the volume control lets it drive a power amp (we suggest a pair of Proprius), and the fixed outputs can drive a headphone amplifier.

As part of a "traditional" system the variable outputs can be used into an ADC or sound card to do "vinyl rips" while the fixed level output is connected to your preamp, integrated amp or receiver for normal listening.

The different record EQ possibilities make it great for archival duties if you have old mono LPs and EPs which don't sound quite right.



Item Measurement
Input and output connectors 360° shielded RCA/phono sockets, hard gold plated
Input sensitivity range 1.6mV to 7.2mV (recommended)
Output range (for above inputs) 190mV to 857mV
Maximum input 35mV rms
Maximum output 5.2V rms
Gain 41.5dB (119) at 1kHz
Input impedance 47k Ohms plus: 100pF / 220pf / 320pf / out
Output impedance (driving impedance) 750 Ohm fixed / 470 Ohm variable (will drive 10k Ohms and above)
Noise at output -66dB Quasi-peak 20Hz to 20kHz
Distortion typically 0.01% 20Hz to 20kHz
RIAA accuracy ± 0.3dB
Frequency response <20Hz - 45kHz (-3dB corrected to RIAA)
Channel balance 0.2dB
Channel separation 60dB
Power supply remotely powered using PSU1 linear power supply
Size (approx.) W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 195 (mm) inc. jacks

Specifications subject to alteration without notice in keeping with Graham Slees continuous improvement policy.

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Game changer
02 March 2024  | 

Replaced my Reflex M with the Accession and basically it's changed my system into the system I've been looking for... The soundstage is incredible... The bass slams and is bang on... Mids and treble are sublime... For me this is the end game... Possibly the best purchase of hifi equipment I have made.... I am actually listening to all my library of vinyl again because it sounds so good...

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Fantastic Stage!!
26 February 2023  | 

ordered with Enigma power supply, which I am still wating on with no news as yet, so it was kindly supplied with the Slee PSU1. I'm running this from a SL1200-G with goldring cart and AT Headshell. My previous stage was a NVA Phone 2 which had a transformer per channel.. The Slee is better, more detail , to me I just wanted to listen to my collection all over again. Can't wait to get the Engima Power supply now big thanks to Simon

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