Emotiva Airmotiv GR1 Headphones
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Emotiva Airmotiv GR1 HeadphonesEmotiva Airmotiv GR1 HeadphonesEmotiva Airmotiv GR1 Headphones

Emotiva Airmotiv GR1 Headphones

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Emotiva Airmotiv GR1 Headphones

The Airmotiv GR1 headphones utilize cutting-edge graphene infusion technology to deliver an exceptionally musical and engaging listening experience. Free of listening fatigue and non-linearities, our graphene reinforced, low mass, 50 mm polycarbonate drivers have crystal clear highs and remarkably lifelike midrange. Bass is powerful, controlled, and extended. The soundstage is open and extremely natural. Equally as important, they're comfortable enough to wear all day long and built so well you'll be able to enjoy the GR-1s for many years.
Sound Quality: Always First
At Emotiva, we think that sound quality always comes first. It's true for headphones, as well as all of our gear. While our Airmotiv GR1 headphones utilize cutting edge technology and superior construction, we consider their most important feature to be their fantastic sound. Clean, clear, detailed, smooth, punchy, but never muddy. Their semi-aperiodic earcup grills offer a cross between an open and closed headphone design - the best of both worlds. They partially isolate the listener from the outside world while providing an incredibly smooth, natural, and open sound field. We think our Airmotiv GR1's sound the way a pair of headphones should sound - like music.
Quality Design
Our replaceable high-quality perforated vegan leather earpads are attached with a rigid mounting ring; it latches in to hold them firmly in place but removes easily if they ever need to be replaced. Premium, ergonomically contoured memory foam inserts make extended listening a pleasure. The headband is solid metal, with just the right amount of spring, and real ball bearing metal click-detents ensure that it stays put when you adjust it not only today, but years from now. We've included a beautiful 2 meter, super-flexible, noise-free, cloth-covered headphone cable. Internal construction uses pure multi-strand OFC copper and attaches with standard 2.5mm audio connectors at the earcups, making it easy to swap the cable later for a balanced one or a third-party upgrade. Of course, all electrical contact surfaces feature heavy gold plating, and the connector bodies themselves are all machined metal.
What You Need To Know About Graphene
Graphene is a high-tech type of carbon with a unique atomic structure that can enhance the strength and improve materials' dynamic characteristics in specific applications. Our Airmotiv GR1 headphones use a newly developed high-tech diaphragm consisting of a very thin polycarbonate membrane with a specially applied and deposited graphene lattice layer fused to both sides of it. The result is the ideal combination of low mass, controlled stiffness, and improved damping. This diaphragm, along with our low moving mass motor assembly, operates in a carefully designed magnetic system, delivering exceptional clarity, linearity, and low distortion.


  • Frequency Response: 23 Hz to 24.5 kHz.
  • Efficiency: 106 dB .
  • THD: < 0.05% (typical).


  • Impedance: 32 Ohms (nominal).
  • Connections:
    Each earcup has a separate high-quality 2.5mm audio input connector.
    The Airmotiv GR1 can be used with both balanced and unbalanced cables and ships with
    a high quality unbalanced cable terminated with an 1/8” stereo headphone connector .
    Optional balanced cables will be available.
  • Amplifier Compatibility:
    Because the Airmotiv GR1 features both high-efficiency and a relatively easy to drive
    impedance, it will work well with any high quality headphone amplifier as well as the
    headphone outputs on virtually all in-home or portable audio gear.

Audio Technology

  • Transducer Type: Dynamic driver with copper-clad aluminum voice coil.
  • Diaphragm: Ultra-low mass diaphragm, consisting of a polycarbonate
    substrate, reinforced with graphene infusion technology.
  • Loading: Aperiodic (semi-open).


  • Earcup Body: Natural ash wood.
  • Earcup Grill: Water-jet machined aluminum exterior grill and decorative dress panel.
  • Earpad Type: Circumaural (around the ear).
  • Replaceable Earpads: Yes.
  • Earpad Dimensions:
    Round; 3-3/4” outside diameter; 2-1/4” inside diameter.
    Ergonomic depth contour ranges between ¾” and 1-1/4”
  • Earpad Material:
    Deep breathable vegan leather earpads, micro-perf ventilation, and memory foam interior
    fill with integral latch retaining ring.
  • Headband:
    All metal headband, with soft breathable vegan leather pad, and metal ball-bearing
    detents for firm precise adjustment.
  • Overall Weight (not including cable): 400 grams.

Included Cable

  • Length: Two meters.
  • Type: Unbalanced.
  • Replaceable: Yes.
  • Cable:
    Oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable, with all gold plated electrical contacts, machined metal
    connectors and strain reliefs, soft flexible insulation, and attractive cloth covering.
  • Connector:
    High quality standard 3.5mm stereo headphone connector ( ¼” TRS adapter included).


  • Contoured velour-lined hard-shell carrying case included.

Weight and Dimensions

  • 12" x 9" x 6" boxed
  • 3 lbs.

User Manual


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