Duevel Bella Luna Loudspeakers
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Duevel Bella Luna LoudspeakersDuevel Bella Luna LoudspeakersDuevel Bella Luna Loudspeakers

Duevel Bella Luna Loudspeakers

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Duevel Bella Luna Loudspeakers

5 YearsImagine your listening room as an open field. It is late at night. The “Beautiful Moon” shines down upon you as your favorite music plays. These are the Bella Luna omni-directional horn speakers; transporting you to another place, another time and another dimension at your will. These transducers have the complete and total ability to transform your listening space into a live concert venue. The musical signal is reproduced as nature intended. The Bella Luna is in phase in every direction, always; it is perfectly time aligned and has completely natural sonic propagational properties. Natural in terms of the way sound is radiant throughout the atmosphere.
Midrange and high frequencies fire down through the horn system’s bell and is directed throughout space in 360 degrees, while bass notes are fired up and out through the same ingenuous yet simple method. Each corner is a downward firing port, created internally, with special octagonal internal bracing and tuning methods used exclusively in Duevel speakers. Perfect for mid-sized listening spaces, easily powered with SET or higher power amplifiers; let the “Beautiful Moon” light up your nights!


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