Duevel Venus Loudspeakers
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Duevel Venus LoudspeakersDuevel Venus LoudspeakersDuevel Venus LoudspeakersDuevel Venus Loudspeakers

Duevel Venus Loudspeakers

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Duevel Venus Loudspeakers

Duevel Venus omni-directional loudspeakers are the next model up from the entry level Duevel Planets, with a deeper, more expansive and more serious sound, supplied in a choice of beautiful wood finishes or any custom colour. A talking point on design, whether you select a finish to blend into your decor or stand out, one thing for sure - the talking will soon turn to the sound as the Venus truly sings!
Venus are omni directional speakers with upward firing woofer and tweeter that are angled toward a sonic diffuser that pushes the sound in all directions. This results in an open, airy sound that is quite unlike the sound of a traditional outward firing speakers that by comparison can sound boxy and "shut in". 
Venus features larger drivers than the Planets alongside high quality crossovers and larger cabinets designed to offer a deeper sound. In similarity to the Planets - even at this price, the Venus performs well beyond expectations. Deep, tuneful and taught bass notes combine with a smooth, glowing midrange and fast, transparent highs that put you at the centre of a rare musical experience that goes further. 
Hear your music escape from the confines of a traditional speaker as music spreads around the room as it would in a concert hall. 


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