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Duevel Enterprise Loudspeakers
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 Duevel Enterprise LoudspeakersDuevel Enterprise Loudspeakers 

Duevel Enterprise Loudspeakers

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Duevel Enterprise Loudspeakers

The Duevel Enterprise are stunning new omnidirectional loudspeakers, designed to bridge the substantial gap between the Duevel Planets and the Duevel Venus. Sitting between the Planets and Venus in price and size, the Enterprise offers a range of tweaks and improvements over the Planets, and are more suitable for larger rooms or those who require a little more impact and scale.
The Enterprise are so named due to the new omnidirectional diffusion system bearing similarity to Star Trek's Starship Enterprise. This system is the means by which the Enterprise disperses sound and achieves its immense omnidirectional sound.
The Enterprise features a downward firing bass port, which is prevented from booming through four feet which elevate the speakers from the floor.
The larger 17cm woofer offers a greater more impactful performance - offering improvements to bass, scale, dynamics and soundstaging. Duevel's use of paper drivers rather than the kevlar found in the Planets also impacts the scale and definition of the Enterprise - which deliver neutral and natural sound production.


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