VPI Prime 21+ Turntable
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VPI Prime 21+ TurntableVPI Prime 21+ TurntableVPI Prime 21+ Turntable

VPI Prime 21+ Turntable

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VPI Prime 21+ Turntable

  • The Prime 21+ has the addition of a VPI Shyla MC cartridge (custom made by Audio Technica) and a VPI Weisline tonearm cable (manufactured by Nordost).

VPI is set to revolutionise the world of Hi-Fi with its new turntable – the Prime 21. 

The multi-award winning VPI Prime was the starting point for the development of the Prime 21. With a host of new improvements and added features, this new turntable promises an even better sonic performance and a user friendly experience.
All the assembly tools are provided in the box and there’s even an instructional video if you’re looking for help. You can be set up and ready for music in 20min!
Even better than the VPI Prime:
  • New aluminium top plate that braces the chassis to deaden unwanted vibrations.
  • All-new 3D-printed tonearm pre-mounted.
  • Uni-pivot of earlier Prime models replaced by a new gimbal system.
  • Same feet as in VPI’s anniversary edition HW40 turntable, promising supreme balance and dampening.


'So have Mat Weisfeld and his team at VPI come up with another winner here? I rather think that they have. Given the purchase price of the Prime 21+, it is unlikely appeal to those who use vinyl only occasionally, and there’s no shortage of excellent alternatives to be considered. However, to those for whom vinyl is a primary music source, this machine has a huge amount to offer. It feels reassuringly solid, and every detail has been meticulously designed. The Shyla takes an already excellent cartridge and embellishes it, and is very highly recommended. Despite my lack of confidence in set up, it was very reassuring to be able to get the help I required from the UK distributor. The Nordost cables that came with the Prime 21+ are also very well suited to the cartridge, and although I did briefly try a third party set I decided  that the Nordost gave me the all that I needed. If I was in the market for a new turntable, I would feel compelled to put the VPI Prime 21+ on my shortlist, and I have a sneaking suspicion that its alround capabilities and its delightful musical character would push it to the front of the queue.'

The Ear 2022

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