Musical Fidelity M8XTT Turntable
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Musical Fidelity M8XTT TurntableMusical Fidelity M8XTT TurntableMusical Fidelity M8XTT Turntable

Musical Fidelity M8XTT Turntable

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Musical Fidelity M8XTT Turntable

A visually striking high-end turntable, combining high-mass and isolation design principles to produce a sound and technical performance capable of impressing any vinyl audiophile. From its bespoke 10” tonearm, through the multi-layered plinth and heavy aluminium platter, on to its height-adjustable feet, every part of the turntable is built to the highest standard.

A high-End turntable with radical concepts and innovations originating from its legendary predecessor, the M1 from 2004!

The M8xTT turntable is not only a work of art but is also a well-designed machine, featuring even more expressive technical features in comparison to its predecessors. Combining high-mass and isolation design principles to produce a sound and technical performance capable of impressing any vinyl audiophile.

The M8xTT’s dual-layer plinth is made of non-resonant acrylic, mounted on four height-adjustable magnetic feet with Teflon spacers between the layers. The top layer houses the main bearing spindle and the tonearm mount for complete isolation from the stand-alone drive motor, which rests on the bottom plinth, isolated from the structure by a special foam material. The result is a turntable that effectively eliminates the transfer of resonances from the surrounding environment and from within itself.

The drive motor is connected to the TPE-damped main platter by a silicon drive belt. The unique platter also boasts a dual-layer construction, joined together by aluminium inserts which effectively improve the flywheel effect as the platter begins to turn. This, in combination with the purpose-selected motor, which also features automatic speed changing between 33 and 45rpm, results in a turntable that is capable of exceptional rotational stability.

The 10-inch tonearm features a conical aluminium tonearm tube and translucent acrylic bearing ring in a completely new, ultra-low resonance Musical Fidelity design. The tonearm has two counterweights and is fully VTA and azimuth adjustable, allowing it to be used with cartridges weighing 6 to 20g. To stop resonances, the counterweights are TPE damped.

Standard phono RCA outputs and balanced XLR connections are located on the back, providing you with the utmost versatility when selecting a phono preamplifier.

The M8xTT is a true high-end record player. Thanks to its use of mass-loaded materials as part of a decoupled chassis construction, it is capable of a rock-solid performance, so any connected pick-up cartridge can perform to its highest ability. Designed with the “Musical Fidelity sound” in mind, this is a worthy addition to any serious hi-fi system. For added convenience, the M8xTT is supplied with a leather platter mat and heavy aluminium record puck inside the packaging.

M8xTT In Brief
• Mass loaded belt drive design with electronic speed change 33/45
• Heavyweight aluminium sandwich platter
• Heavy multi-alloy record puck included
• Height adjustable magnetic feet
• New 10“ Musical Fidelity tonearm
• Azimuth and VTA fully adjustable
• Non-resonant acrylic plinth with effective
• RCA and balanced XLR outputs
• Heavy aluminium record puck included
• Leather mat included
• Handmade in Europe
Speed: 33, 45 (electronic speed change)
Drive principle: belt drive with electronic
speed control
Platter: sandwich aluminium platter with
aluminium inserts (10 kg), both floors with TPE
Platter bearing: Inverted bearing with ceramic ball tip
Tonearm: 10‘‘ Musical Fidelity tonearm
Effective tonearm mass/length: 17g/254 mm
Overhang: 16 mm
Wow & flutter: 33rpm: +-0.05%, 45rpm +-0.04%
Speed drift: 33rpm: +-0.11%, 45rpm: +-0.10%
Signal to noise: -78 dB
Dimensions: 533 x 245 x 413 mm
Weight: 31,5 kg

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