Meridian 251 Powered Zone Controller
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 Meridian 251 Powered Zone ControllerMeridian 251 Powered Zone Controller 

Meridian 251 Powered Zone Controller

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 Meridian 251 Powered Zone Controller

The 251 is a Meridian integrated amplifier feeding 65W per channel into 8 ohms. Simply connect a pair of speakers and a CD player to its analogue inputs and it’s the heart of your main Hi-Fi set-up, playing music with gorgeous Meridian sound quality.

It also includes a high quality Meridian DAC making it easy to connect, for example, a set-top-box. It’s a perfect choice for a TV-based audio system, and its compact size makes it easy to tuck away behind or under your screen. It can even be set to use an active subwoofer and run in 2.1 configuration.

Intelligent, brilliantly-versatile integrated amp. It’s the heart of your main system, it’s a tucked-away 2.1 TV sound system, it’s an audio zone in multi-room sound system. And it sounds incredible.

As if an integrated amp and a DAC weren’t enough, the 251 also incorporates an audio ‘endpoint’ for both Meridian’s Sooloos system and the popular Roon music management software; your music player will ‘find’ the Meridian 251 and play music to it, decoding MQA files if you have those in your collection too.

The best way to control the 251 is via the free iPad network control app which also enables easy set-up of the device. But it can also be controlled with a conventional remote and Infra Red (IR) receiver (available separately), if required. The front panel shows which source has been selected - and also indicates when an MQA track is being played, too.

Set-up of the 251 is straight-forward, accessed via any computer or tablet on the same network as the 251. The compact size and cool-running amplifiers let you tuck the 251 away behind a TV or rack, or even in a cupboard, and just let you get on with the important stuff – listening to your music.


  • Speaker outputs on Phoenix connectors
  • 24-12 AWG Compatible
  • 2 x 100w into 4O nominal load (2 x 65w into 8O)
  • 40kHz Bandwidth
  • 2-channel line-level analogue output on RCA phono connectors
  • Twin 192kHz 24-bit DACs

  • One 2-channel digital coaxial S/PDIF input. 44.1kHz to 192kHz sampling and up to 24-bit
  • One 2-channel Meridian SpeakerLink input. 44.1kHz to 192kHz sampling and up to 24-bit
  • One 2-channel digital optical TOSLINK input. 44.1kHz to 96kHz sampling and up to 24-bit
  • One 2-channel analogue input on RCA phono connectors
  • One network input (Ethernet) for connection to Meridian Sooloos or third party control interface

  • IP Control
  • IR on 3.5mm jack
  • Meridian Comms

  • LEDs to indicate source selection and MQA status

  • Advanced linear power supply: 110–120V ac 50–60Hz / 220-240V ac 50-60HzDIMENSIONSHEIGHT: 42mm (without feet) WIDTH: 203mm DEPTH: 221mm (226mm inc. connectors) WEIGHT: 2.5kg

  • 1U tall rack kit available with space for two units
  • Optional VESA mount brackets

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