Parasound New Classic 2250 v.2 Two Channel Power Amplifier
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Parasound New Classic 2250 v.2 Two Channel Power Amplifier

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Parasound New Classic 2250 v.2 Two Channel Power Amplifier

The Parasound NewClassic NewClassic 2250 v.2 is a THX Ultra2 certified high power two channel amplifier.

This amplifier is the final part of the armoury within Parasound's NewClassic range - and fittingly it is a suitably 'Big Gun' to be the pinnacle of this esteemed range. This exceptionally rugged amplifier is equally capable of driving high performance speakers in a home theatre, an audiophile’s dream stereo system, or long chains of in-wall and ceiling speakers. 

The 2250 despite its size and footprint, is a nimble and musical performer, with a great lightness of touch and dynamism to its sonic signature. Like all the 'NewClassic' range the unit has been cleverly and robustly deigned. Each of this cool-running power amplifier’s two channels can deliver a very generous 275 watts into 8 ohms and 400 watts into 4 ohm and 2 ohm loads (two channels driven). Put this powerhouse into a high power bridged mono mode and it will roll out 750 watts into an 8 ohm load and even 750 watts x 1 4Ω (Load switch set to 2-3Ω). As such - anyone can clearly see that this exceptionally rugged amplifier is obviously hugely capable of driving large high quality home theatre and stereo loudspeakers, or chains of in-wall and ceiling speakers due to these impressive capabilities.

The heart of this flexibility lies in the amplifiers design and high level internal components, and the fact that the power amplifier has been designed with Parasound's proven class AB amplifier technology. The amplifier benefits hugely from fully discrete circuitry with toroid transformers and an efficient, low heat design. The robust design, coupled with high grade components and build quality means that the NewClassic 2250 v.2 is a great performer for all sorts of applications that sometimes fall into a custom installation situation, or a demanding semi-commercial project.

Low impedance loads which sometimes befall such applications or situations are reliably adapted to as the unit has a dedicated impedance selector switch for 2 Ω operation, meaning that it can drive the most demanding of loads if required without buying in more electronics. If you are working the unit in a higher power set up the unit can be set to drive more power into single loads as it also has a dedicated switch for bridged mono operation as well. The amplifier also has both speaker A & B outputs as well - meaning that you need not use two amplifiers two engage a larger area within a system. If things get too harsh - the amp also benefits from both high temperature indicators and DC Servo with relay protection circuits. Like most Parasound amplifiers that have this great custom installation pedigree, the 2125 v.2 also has great power adaptability also as it has automatic on/off by DC trigger with looping output and also automatic on/off by audio signal with adjustable sensitivity.

This unit is a very adaptable performer - as it can be used in a home theatre for instance as alluded to before (not just in 'standard' stereo or distributed audio applications) as the 2250 v.2 also has a 18dB/octave high pass filter, with switchable 20Hz or 40Hz. Obviously; the NewClassic 2250 is a fully THX Ultra2 certified amplifier - so it's pedigree for utilization within any home cinema system cannot be overlooked, in fact it can only be encouraged as it will not only drive speakers harder than most 'rivals' out there, it will arguably drive them with more natural fidelity than most other amplifiers at the price-point (remember Parasound have a maximum bang for your buck reputation as well!). Practically, you could utilise a few in a dedicated rack for any large residential cinema project or a semi commercial cinema situation as well. Not only are the power possibilities impressive - it's credentials as a hugely enjoyable musical or movie amplifier are pretty much second to none, as Parasound build products that start out with sound quality at the hear  

The NewClassic 2250 v.2 is another crystal clear example of why Parasound has a long history of dedication to superlative overall quality and reliability. 

The Parasound 'NewClassic' 2250 v.2 is available in black only.


  • THX Ultra2 certified
  • 275 watts x 2 into 8 Ω (all channels driven)
  • 400 watts x 2 into 4 Ω or 2 Ω (all channels driven)
  • 750 watts x 1 bridged into 8 Ω or 4 Ω
  • 45 amps peak current per channel
  • 2 Ohm stable operation with load selector switch
  • Two pairs of speaker outputs with front panel A/B buttons
  • Rear-mounted lockout switch disables front A/B buttons
  • High pass filter, switchable for 20Hz or 40Hz
  • Automatic on/off by DC trigger with looping output
  • Automatic on/off by audio signal with 2 sensitivity settings
  • Fully discrete circuitry with high current toroid transformer
  • Bridging switch for stereo or mono operation
  • Efficient, low heat design
  • DC Servo and relay protection circuits
  • Rear-mounted left and right gain controls
  • Standby, channel status and high temperature indicators
  • Gold-plated RCA input jacks
  • Heavy duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker terminals
  • 3U rack mount kit available separately (Model RMK33)

All Channels Driven:

  •   275 watts x 2, 8Ω
  •   400 watts x 2, 4Ω
  •   400 watts x 2, 2Ω (Load switch set to 2-3Ω)

Bridged Mono:

  •   750 watts x 1, 8Ω
  •   750 watts x 1, 4Ω (Load switch set to 2-3Ω)

Current Capacity:

  • 45 amps peak per channel

Frequency Response:

  • 20 Hz - 50 kHz, +0/-3 dB, 1 watt
  • Dynamic Headroom - 1.6 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion:

  • 0.20% at full rated output
  • 0.015% at average listening levels

IM Distortion:

  • 0.05 %

Transient IM Distortion:

  • Not measurable

S/N Ratio:

  • 114 dB at rated output, IHF A-weighted
  • 106 dB at rated output, unweighted
  • 93 dB at 2.828 V output, IHF A-weighted
  • 84 dB at 2.828 V output, unweighted

Input Impedance:

  • 33 k Ω

Input Sensitivity:

  • 1 V in for 28.28 V out, THX standard

Inter-Channel Crosstalk

  • 85 dB @1 kHz, 73 dB @10 kHz, 67 dB @ 20kHz

Damping Factor:

  • Over 150 at 20Hz

12V Trigger Turn On:

  • DC 9 - 12V, 15 mA
  • Audio Turn On:
  • Quieter: 1 mV
  • Louder: 6 mV

AC Power Requirement:

  • 110 - 120 V / 220 -240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  • 0.5 watts standby
  • 35 watts Idle (no audio)
  • 1000 watts full output


  • 17.25" Wide
  • 18.5" Deep, with cables connected
  • 6" High with feet, 5.25" panel only (3U)
  • (437 x 470 x 153mm, 133mm panel only)

Net Weight:

  • 43 lbs (19.5 kg)

Rack Mount Accessory:

  • May be Purchased Separately: RMK33

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