Edwards Audio MC5 MM/MC Phono Stage
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Edwards Audio MC5 MM/MC Phono Stage

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Edwards Audio MC5 MM/MC Phono Stage

The Edwards Audio MC5 MM/MC Phono Stage is based on the original Edwards Audio MM1-PSU1 combination.   The performance was improved by a higher-quality power supply and higher-selected operational amplifier.  It is Rear Panel switched to select between Moving Magnet and Moving Coil gain stages.  Fixed 47K / 100R load with 120pF.
At this price, the device is unique, with its fully RoHs compliant and gold-plated, two-layer board, backlit display, folded acrylic case and  machine-made frame.  The components used .B with a thin metal film, very closely tolerated MELF resistors from Vishay, Panasonic FM series PSU capacitors and Vishay polyester/polypropylene film capacitors are used.  The RIAA equalization is a rare combination of an active bass and a passive altitude range with an accuracy of 0.25 dB over the frequency band and a very low signal-to-noise voltage value of -87dB A-weighted.
The circuit topology has a fully buffered output stage with a very low output impedance to reduce cable effects and improve output voltage.  The attention to detail also extends to the supplied, specially developed internal, double regulated power supply, which, unique for this price level, has separate + and DC outputs for maximum insensitivity to noise at maximum dynamic range and highest override resistance.
Here, too, a bespoke, gold-plated board with high-quality diodes and “Snubber caps” is used to avoid undesirable vibrations and voltage spikes.
Traditional TALK styling and our performance requirements were not forgotten with the new rear-lit front panel, available in six color ways, designed to correspond with the Edwards Audio range of turntables.  The   rear panel has RCA connections and a grounding connection. This is probably one of the best built and aesthetic phono precursors in their class.
The Edwards Audio MC5 MM/MC Phono Stage also “delivers” in the sound department with an expansive, detailed sound stage, outstanding dynamics and powerful bass.  The sound quality delivered by the Edwards Audio MC5 is usually only found with significantly more expensive phono preamplifiers.

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