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Ecosse Big Red HC Powerchord
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Ecosse Big Red HC Powerchord

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Ecosse Big Red HC Powerchord 

If you want to hear every nuance of the music as the artist who performed it intended it to be heard, then you gotta have one of The Big Red Powerchords

Here our unique rope-lay MonocrystalTM conductor weave is combined with a double screen of aluminium foil and tinned copper which along with the acoustic damping cotton filler makes this one of the quietest power cables in existence. The advantages of using a rope-lay weave are the considerable reduction of RFI/EMI/ESI noise ingress, a major player in mains connection.

For the HC version we use the world-renowned SchurterTM 320iec.

Outstanding width and detailed bass

Generally speaking, one of the achievements of a well-balanced and installed system is the sensation of the speakers 'disappearing' into the soundstage. With Ecosse Big Red PowerchordsTM installed, width beyond the speakers and depth behind the wall is apparent in spades.

Seriously extended and detailed bass is also well apparent while the mid and treble ranges benefit by palpable more imagery, speed and clarity, and a greater sense of the recorded acoustic.

Technical Specifications

7N purity, MonocrystalTM Copper rope-lay weave single crystal grain-free conductors of 2.5mm x-section 

MonocrystalTM rope-lay shielding braid

Double screened, with Aluminium Foil and Tinned-Copper.

Audiophile hospital-grade M&K Mains ToughplugTM

SchurterTM Premier grade IEC with the High Current (HC) cable

FurutechTM FI 20-R Audiophile Reference grade -Ultra Current (UC) cable 

Cotton fibre damping and a soft circular PVC outer jacket of 11.4mm o/d -which all but eliminates microphony effects

SupersolderTM - our new ultra high purity silver and tin alloy solid wire-used in conjunction with our unique, passive organic flux. Together these ensure a joint with ultra low chemical contaminants and very high strength.

Resistance 0.00872 ohms per 1m
Inductance 0.001434 mH per 1m
Capacitance yellow: 359.42pf | brown: 342.33pf | blue: 353.14pf

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