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Ecosse The Big Orange GR8 Powerchord
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 Ecosse The Big Orange GR8 PowerchordEcosse The Big Orange GR8 Powerchord 

Ecosse The Big Orange GR8 Powerchord

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Ecosse The Big Orange GR8 Powerchord 

The Ecosse Powerchord range of high performance power cables begins with our Big Orange - low on cost, high on impact. We offer two options- IEC terminated or figure-of-eight (GR8 version).
This multistranded (for greater rejection of electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference) cable suits all source components and amplifiers (up to about 75w rms/channel) and we can guarantee that it will improve the component's performance raised by an order of magnitude. Bass is more extended, leading edges more sharply defined and pitch easier to determine.
Wire ends are prepared using our SupersolderTM to maximise contact and minimise long term degradation which, together with the use of high quality mains and IEC plugs, makes 'The Big Orange PowerchordTM the entry level mains cable to beat. Available as standard in 1m, 1.5m, 2.0m lengths but ANY cable length can be custom made to order.
Big Orange GR8
Not only will these mains cables achieve remarkable improvements in both picture (vision) and sound (audio) on Sky and Virgin HD boxes, they achieve equally remarkable results on any AV device that is fitted with a figure-of-eight mains socket-including CD players, standard DVD and Blu-ray, standard satellite boxes, video and dvd recorders and - for which these products are essential partners - the AC-DC transformer that accompany phono stages, headphone amps and turntables.
What these products do is free you from the cheap, flimsy and hopeless supplied mains leads, which can then be used more appropriately to tie up your bin liners.
So what can you expect from these products? Firstly, the same technology that went into our world beating and multi-award winning IEC terminated mains leads. Secondly, they make redundant the figure - of- 8 - to- IEC converters that you may be using - since daisy-chaining leads and converters in this way will degrade the picture/sound quality due to the extra resistance inductance and capacitance created by the change in metals at these contact points.
Here are the facts
Visual; Deeper blacks; finer detail, more vivid colours and clarity; greater contrast; more depth, creating almost 3D picture; better able to follow the action; more engrossing; more light.
Audio: clearer centre channel/speech detail; deeper and stronger bass; greater separation; more expansive surround sound; more involving soundtrack; better able to follow the dialogue; greater dynamics; wider more holographic 360 soundstage; bigger/bolder drama
Why is this possible? The use of better more highly screened conductor material ensures faster processing and less 'noise' interference;
How is this possible? Superior OFC and Monocrystal conductor material (Big Orange GR8 HD and Big Red GR8 HD respective); far superior screening of the conductors to remove intrusion of RFI's and EMI's; The deployment of a highly superior grade hand-wired mains plug, each being hand assembled and checked by our engineers.
What sets our product above everything else out there is that in our cables both screen and earth wire act as drain for extraneous 'noise' interference (and here we introduce a clever patented, secret Ecosse device). Finally, the figure of 8 plug is hand-wired unlike the moulded out-the-box bog standard plug that came with your product.
This is a no-brainer. The difference power cable can make to your listening experience and enjoyment is, quite simply, breathtaking... and remember, great sounding powerchords don't have to be expensive and may well be the cheapest, most cost effective up-grade your system requires. We sincerely recommend you replace NOW your supplied 'kettle-lead' with at least the Big Orange. These cables really do make the difference.
Technical Specifications
Ecosse's multi award-winning rope-lay multistrand Ultra Hi Purity-OFCTM conductors
Superior grade mains plug and iec plug 
Flame-resistant PVC insulation
Cotton fibre damping
8.5mm o/d circular soft PVC outer jacket
Resistance 0.00708 ohms per m
Inductance 0.000978 mH per 1m
Capacitance yellow:99.25pf | brown:99.31pf | blue:101.14pf

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