Audience JEWEL CableLifter
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Audience JEWEL CableLifter

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Audience JEWEL CableLifter

The new JEWEL CableLifter is ideal for use underneath power cords, speaker cables and interconnects. Elegant and understated in appearance and made from an attractive clear material, the CableLifter was created with the goal of improving sound quality in high-end audio systems by reducing proximity to interference like conductive concrete slabs and to other electrical cables.
In addition, Audience's JEWEL CableLifter is perfect for use under AC power cords, especially heavier ones, to keep them from sagging in the AC outlet and to ensure maximum electrical contact. CableLifters also give a system a neat, "finished" appearance.
"Many audiophiles recognize the use of cable lifters as a useful refinement in extracting the last bit of performance from their systems," said John McDonald, president of Audience. "By raising the cables off the floor and keeping them away from each other, improvements in detail, resolution and spatiality can be obtained, for a more satisfying listening experience."


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