Audience Auric Illuminator
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Audience Auric Illuminator

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Audience Auric Illuminator

Auric Illuminator improves the audible and visible playback quality of all optical discs. Developed as an advanced optical resolution enhancement, Auric Illuminator is incredibly effective.

Auric Illuminator will help your disc player retrieve all the available data on your discs at the right time. Auric Illuminator allows the laser pickup to track the disc more accurately. It also improves discrimination of the exact beginning and end of the reflective and non-reflective areas on the track. You haven't really experienced the true potential of digital formats until you see and hear the results of one treatment on a CD, DVD, Laserdisc or SACD. The subjective experience is greatly enhanced by Auric Illuminator.

The application of Auric Illuminator is an easy, two-step process. The first step is permanent except that the black ink can be removed using isopropyl alcohol. The applied gel in step two is semi permanent. However, for optimal performance it is recommended that the gel be re-applied for each playing, assuming a day has passed since the last playing.

The first step reduces ambient light and infrared light in the disc material. The Auric Illuminator light absorbing pen is used to blacken the inside and outside edges of the CD. (The outside rim and the inside of the center hole). This improves the signal to noise ratio of the reflected signal allowing for more accurate timing of the retrieved data.

The second step involves the application of Auric Illuminator gel. This unique product improves the optics by allowing laser light to enter and leave the disc with less reflection or scattering. This allows the pickup to "see" a stronger, more sharply defined signal resulting in fewer data retrieval errors.

Auric Illuminator gel also lowers the disc surface electrical charge. The surface of an untreated disc will build up a static charge while spinning against the air. The static charge builds up until the voltage becomes quite high and then discharges into the air or surrounding surfaces. The charge/discharge cycle causes the disc to microscopically tilt or wobble. A wobbling disc is much more difficult to track accurately causing audible timing errors or even lost data. Although redundant codes can replace most of the missing data, the disruption of timing accuracy causes these errors to become audible. Buffering or re-clocking the data cannot totally correct timing errors or jitter. A vibrating disc is difficult to track accurately. This causes the pickup's servomotors to work much harder at maintaining focus. When the servomotors are constantly correcting the laser's position the power supply is pulsed more frequently. This causes excessive power supply fluctuations which affect the analog audio/video power supplies, degrading the overall system performance. By not allowing excessive static charge to build up, discs spin with less wobble making them easier to track. auric illuminator allows music to be more natural sounding and pictures to be reproduced more accurately.

Auric Illuminator is so effective at controlling optical disc jitter problems that it is considered more of a necessity than a tweak by most people who try it. Even buffers of expensive digital players are not perfect; therefore resolution improvement still results by using Auric Illuminator on the very best digital format players. After experiencing the huge improvement in resolution that this product provides it is hard to listen to music on optical formats again without its use.


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