Mobile Fidelity Sonic CoNtact - 2 Part contact cleaner
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Mobile Fidelity Sonic CoNtact - 2 Part contact cleaner

Hear For Yourself The Improvement Sonic Contact makes

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Mobile Fidelity Sonic Connect - 2 Part connect cleaner

Hear For Yourself The Improvement Sonic Connect makes

Mobile Fidelity proudly introduces the Mobile Fidelity SONIC CONNECT Cleaning System, the absolutely best way to clean audio contacts.  This formula has been used in many mission-critical applications as well as by very well-known recording studios since the mid-1990s and is now available to help wring the fullest potential out of audiophile equipment.Audio professionals are keenly aware that dirty contacts are a source of amusical distortion robbing their recordings of power, clarity, and musicality.


Sound engineers use Sonic Connect on every metal-metal connection in both cabling and recording equipment: microphone XLR connectors, signal cable connectors, AC outlets and plugs, 2-inch open reel mastering decks and many others. Several hydroelectric dams use this solution to clean oxidation from their large power distribution lines to ensure maximum conductivity and reduce down time.  Mobile Fidelity SONIC CONNECT Cleaning System is a 2-step process. Step One is a solution designed to remove oxidation from metal parts. Step Two is a powerful solvent which removes grease, oils and other contaminants that impede and distort signal flow. In combination,


SONIC CONNECT removes more and leaves less residue than any other contact cleaner we've used. Hear music and see video without the grunge and veiling introduced by dirty contacts.


Once connections are fully cleaned with Sonic Connect, a contact enhancer may be used, if desired.



We recommend cleaning connections with Mobile Fidelity SONIC CONNECT Cleaning at least twice a year, more often if the equipment is in humid or very dusty environments. Analogue lovers, call us today to find out how your system can benefit from Mobile Fidelity SONIC CONNECT Cleaning System!



 MoFi SONIC CONNECT is supplied with a Micro-Fiber, Lint-Free Cloth and two Nylon Bristle Brushes


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