Van den Hul The Platinum Hybrid Balanced Interconnect
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Van den Hul The Platinum Hybrid Balanced Interconnect

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Van den Hul The Platinum Hybrid Balanced Interconnect

The Platinum Hybrid is the ultimate quality balanced interconnect. It is composed with finest ultra-pure solid platinum signal conductors and a platinum colored HULLIFLEX High Density jacket. 

After the successful introduction of the MC-SILVER IT MkIII Balanced around two years ago, VDH have been looking at any possible improvement. This time they worked their way backwards.

With Van den Hul's vast knowledge on metal technology they started by calculating the ideal specifications for the conductors and matched the type of metal that possessed these numbers. It turned out that two 0.3 mm solid core ultra-pure platinum conductors were right on the dot.

The result is not only an extremely attractive looking cable but also probably one of the best metal-based balanced interconnect on the market today.

The Platinum Hybrid comes with rhodium-plated RCA or silver-plated Neutrik XLR connectors and is packed in a beautifully presented aluminium wallet.


  • Cable Type: Balanced
  • Conductor Material: Finest Ultra-Pure Platinum
  • Design Purpose: True Reference Class Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Signal Transport 
  • Jacket Colour: Platinum
  • Resistance: Cores: 1.7 Ohm/m ; Screen: 0.12 Ohm/m
  • Capacitance: 72 pF/m

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