Van den Hul The Integration Hybrid Analogue Interconnects
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Van den Hul The Integration Hybrid Analogue Interconnects

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Van den Hul The Integration Hybrid Analogue Interconnects

The INTEGRATION HYBRID is a triple shielded quadruple core audio interconnect suitable for both balanced and unbalanced use.

As with all products under Van den Hul's FUSION SERIES, in The INTEGRATION HYBRID VDH's new developed highly advanced FUSION conductor material is combined together with the well proven Linear Structured Carbon technology.

The INTEGRATION HYBRID’s design is based on Van den Hul's world-wide highly acclaimed D - 102 III HYBRID.

In The INTEGRATION HYBRID the two stranded metal cores have been replaced by four stranded “Fusion Technology” conductors in a so-called star quad configuration.

For the rest all excellent qualities have been maintained, like the applied hybrid technology (where the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing our Linear Structured Carbon) and the very effective triple layered shielding. And of course its gold coloured jacket is made of HULLIFLEX.


  • Cable Type: Triple screened quadruple core / star quad (Balanced)
  • Conductor Material: FUSION TECHNOLOGY: amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy + HYBRID: Linear Structured Carbon saturated layer(s)
  • Design Purpose: Balanced & Unbalanced Audio Interconnect
  • Insulation/Dielectric Strength: Cores: PE foam; Jacket: HULLIFLEX / 300 Vrms min.
  • Jacket Colour: Gold Tone

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