Crystal Cable Micro2 Diamond Ground Bridge
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Crystal Cable Micro2 Diamond Ground Bridge

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Crystal Cable Micro2 Diamond Ground Bridge

Diamond Series 2

The introduction of our brand new Diamond Series 2 cable range allowed us to offer Crystal Cable’s core values at a more modest price. The new Diamond Series 2 is not only a radical improvement compared to the original Diamond Series in terms of sound, but it also offers exceptional value for money. Superb performance, while being compact, attractive and affordable - that’s the essence of the new Diamond Series 2.

The quality of this cable series is only possible thanks to the huge investment in research and development that we have undertaken over the years. The vast knowledge base gained during the creation of our flagship Art Series has been harnessed to deliver stellar performance at our entry-level series as well. Our unique understanding of metallurgy, conductor design, shielding and insulation has resulted in a product range that we are proud of. It's one thing to make the best cost-no-object cables, it’s another to provide this much of their quality at a more modest price.

Our new silver-gold² metallurgy
The use of our own meticulously researched conductor materials is one of the key factors that make our products so unique. We introduce our new SG2 silver-gold conductor with the Diamond Series 2, and it is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor. The extraordinary quality of our silver-gold alloy is the result of twenty years of research and development. We gained extensive knowledge of the behavior of different types of conductor materials during this period. During the process, our research showed that when gold is mixed with the silver conductor, the conductor transmits the signal better, is more flexible and stronger. The atoms in the conductor fall into the right place in the lattice, which causes the conductor to get even better as time passes. Many materials lose their distinctive properties and unique qualities over time, but not our SG2 silver-gold conductors. Now we can proudly say that diamonds are forever.

Cable Design
Having the best cable conductors is essential, but it would be wasted if the insulation and shielding package is not of equally high caliber. That is why our Diamond Series 2 cables employ many of the materials that are used in our flagship Art Series. Measurements have shown that DuPont Kapton and Teflon have the best properties for insulation and are superior to cheaper and generic types of materials. Additionally, Diamond Series 2 cables are equipped with silver-plated copper shielding to ensure the best quality throughout the entire cable. The Diamond Series 2 embodies Crystal Cable’s core values – superlative sound, unsurpassed quality and beautiful aesthetics, all while being extremely flexible and easy to use.  

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