Crystal Cable Monet Ground Bridge
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Crystal Cable Monet Ground BridgeCrystal Cable Monet Ground BridgeCrystal Cable Monet Ground Bridge

Crystal Cable Monet Ground Bridge

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Crystal Cable Monet Ground Bridge


The Crystal Cable Art Series is a high-end audio cable series where advanced design, engineering and materials science are creatively and artfully combined to produce a product that reproduces music to the highest possible standard.

Our flagship cable range comprises three cable families: Monet, van Gogh and da Vinci. Each is named after an artist who fathered an aesthetic revolution and set new standards of artistic expression. The Crystal Cable Art Series products do just that in the high-end hi-fi realm: taking you closer to the beauty and majesty of music.

The Art Series cables are unique in the high-end cable world. They have been expressly designed to enhance the appearance of the hi-fi system that the cables are used with, as well as its sonic performance. This is a case of form following function. Designed to perform without compromise, the cable only looks as it does because of the superlative materials used, and the ingenious way in which they are packed together. However, these are not mere fashion accessories. They are designed for people who are passionate about sound and who expect the finest sonic results, as well as aesthetic beauty and ease of use.

Hi-fi cables are the bridge that makes it possible for a high-end system to achieve its full potential. Only by understanding the science behind cable design could Crystal Cable build such a high-performance product in such a small package. The Art Series uses Crystal Cable’s unique Infinite Crystal Silver conductor, paired with DuPont Teflon and PTFE insulation to deliver unmatched sound quality. The transparent Teflon jacket adds to the glass-clear sound and serves as a window to the music, as the central conductor forms almost the entire cable. Designed to perform without compromise, these cables personify the art of sound.

The Monet cables boast extremely low levels of distortion and outstanding musical reproduction. They may be the thinnest cables in the Art series but because the signal and ground conductors are both made of our proprietary Infinite Crystal Silver (ICS), the optimal conductivity and lack of distortion allow you to hear more of the details in your music. Every Monet cable comes with an NFC tag attached that can be used to quickly and easily authenticate and register the cable using our own dedicated app.

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