Musical Fidelity LS3/5A Speakers
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Musical Fidelity LS3/5A SpeakersMusical Fidelity LS3/5A SpeakersMusical Fidelity LS3/5A SpeakersMusical Fidelity LS3/5A Speakers

Musical Fidelity LS3/5A Speakers

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Musical Fidelity LS3/5A Speakers

Compact and toneally neutral
Original LS3/5A specification
Closed cabinet design

The LS3/5A was originally designed for listening places where space was limited, like mobile control rooms for television. The goal here was a linear frequency response down to 100Hz with an excellent sound quality.

Due to the closed type cabinet, the LS3/5A impresses with its clear and fast playback. As the speaker was designed to be used for studio applications, the midrange is extremely detailed and realistic, and the sound stage and imaging of vocals and instruments is truly extraordinary.

The LS3/5A works best in a near/mid-field listening distance between two and four meters away from the listener.

Over the years, the LS3/5A became an industry standard for music studios, especially for classical recordings. It also quickly gained interest in the audiophile sector. Due to the small size, the LS3/5A is the perfect fit for small living rooms. Do not get fooled by the size: The speaker surprises with a lot of low end information. Due to the closed type design, the bass is quick and perfectly defined, compared to a bass reflex speaker.

The LS3/5A was produced by several speaker manufacturers over many decades already. The Musical Fidelity A1 was always the perfect partner with its Class A amplification. The result was an astonishing clear, detailed and warm sound stage.

The Musical Fidelity LS3/5A was manufactured according to the BBC R&D design 1976/29.


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