Canton Smart Vento 3 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers
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Canton Smart Vento 3 S2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Vento 3 S2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Vento 3 S2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Vento 3 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers

Canton Smart Vento 3 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers

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Canton Smart Vento 3 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers

The new Smart Vento 3 S2 - better than ever before
Elegant, classy and yet visually restrained is the design of our new Smart Vento 3 S2. This compact loudspeaker hits the nerve of the time with its modern design: rounded cabinet edges, the radii refined differently executed, meet gently curved side panels and high-quality painted surfaces. Newly developed drivers with membranes made of titanium graphite and aluminum oxide ceramics ensure that even music lovers with the highest demands on sound quality can enjoy their favorite tracks without any ifs and buts. Powerful active modules with 350 watts of power per speaker ensure the incomparable dynamics of the compact speakers, which are designed to be easy to use in living rooms. Their universal talents make the Smart Vento 3 S2 the perfect solo entertainer and a powerful sound partner in a home theater multi-channel system.
Sovereign dynamic sound thanks to titanium graphite technology
In our development lab, new speaker drivers were designed that raise our Smart Vento 3 S2 to a new level, both technically and sonically. The drivers with matt shimmering titanium graphite membranes were developed with the aim of minimizing or completely eliminating sound-damaging partial vibrations. Our existing titanium drivers are chemically processed through an elaborate process, which further improves their technical and sonic properties. With less weight, our Titanium Graphite drivers are stiffer and have better internal damping. They operate completely without sound-damaging partial vibrations in the entire useful and transfer range of the chassis. Result: The compact 2-way bass reflex speakers sound tremendously dynamic and act at the same time wonderfully relaxed.
Elegant and efficient: The cabinets
At Canton, cabinets don't just have to look good - they also have to meet our high, technical requirements. For our new Smart Vento 3 S2, we have incorporated a number of changes compared to its predecessor that benefit more than just the design. Revised housing radii and a minimally increased housing depth and width provide a larger interior volume. This allows the Smart Vento 3 S2 to be tuned with more bandwidth in the low frequency range. In addition, the new design provides increased elegance and less influence of the cabinet itself on the sound. The loudspeaker models are elaborately constructed from multi-layer laminate to obtain particularly solid and low-resonance cabinets, which are indispensable as a basis for superior sound development. Acoustic and technical design go hand in hand here - for the best sound and a noble appearance in your living room.
Highlights of the Smart Vento 3 S2
In the compact two-way bass reflex Smart Vento 3 S2 speakers, a high-performance driver with a 174 mm titanium graphite diaphragm and a 25 mm dome tweeter with aluminum oxide ceramics, which is of the highest quality in terms of both sound and technology, ensure a superior sound image. The wave surround technology with multiple folded surrounds and the light as well as stiff membranes ensure an accurate reproduction of the audio signals. In addition, the compact speaker design delivers enormously deep bass and large dynamic reserves. Powerful Class D power amplifier modules provide 350 watts of power to each speaker in the fully active Smart Vento 3 S2. Thanks to our signal transmission with 24-bit signal processing, wireless transmission from speaker to speaker succeeds without interference and in the highest sound quality. Setting up the speakers is particularly easy: connect your Smart Vento 3 S2 to a source device for music playback and supply the speakers with power. That's all it takes for excellent music enjoyment - external amplifiers or long speaker cables become obsolete. 
Ready for anything: Stereo or Home cinema
The Smart Vento 3 S2 are very easy to set up and spoil you with a decidedly elegant appearance as well as an enormously good set of features. Numerous inputs are available for connecting a wide variety of source devices: high-quality XLR and RCA jacks provide contact options for analog devices, plus digital variants in optical and coaxial design. The USB-XMOS interface provides the best possible sound contact with computers. Wirelessly via Bluetooth, our Smart Vento 3 S2 offer the highest sound fidelity in CD quality thanks to aptX decoding. We equip the Smart Vento 3 S2 with analog and digital audio cables as well as power cords - for an uncomplicated start to your music enjoyment. If you want to expand your system, additional Smart Vento speakers including center and active subwoofer are available - so you can quickly expand to a powerful and elegant home theater multi-channel system.

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