Canton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers
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Canton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers
Canton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless LoudspeakersCanton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers

Canton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers

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Canton Smart Vento 9 S2 Wireless Loudspeakers

High-End Sound - easy as never
At Canton, we have developed new, technically and sonically excellent speaker drivers that have found their way into the Smart Vento 9 S2. The drivers with matt shimmering Titanium Graphite diaphragms were developed with the aim of minimizing sound-damaging partial vibrations. To bring the drivers acoustically to a new level, we have processed and refined the previous titanium drivers with a complex chemical process. With less weight, the new Titanium Graphite drivers are stiffer and have better damping, without any sound-damaging partial vibrations in the entire useful and pickup range of the drivers. Result: The speakers sound tremendously dynamic and at the same time remain wonderfully relaxed.
Elegant and effective: The cabinets
At Canton, cabinets don't just have to look good - they also have to meet our high, technical requirements. To this end, we have come up with quite a few ideas for the new Smart Vento 9 S2. In direct comparison with its predecessors, we have changed the basic shape of the speaker and revised the cabinet radii. As a result, more interior volume is available, which allows the current models to be tuned with more bandwidth in the low frequency range. In addition, the new design provides increased elegance and less influence of the cabinet itself on the sound. All of this makes our new Canton Smart Vento 9 S2 sound particularly clean, contoured and commanding. We have also modified the base construction of the floorstanding speakers, which makes the Smart Vento 9 S2 seem to float above the solid base. In addition, the new base ensures that the speaker is not critical in its placement. The Smart Vento 9 S2 look particularly elegant and classy due to the multi-layered "high-gloss look" lacquered enclosure.
Highlights of the Smart Vento 9 S2
The fully active Smart Vento 9 S2 are equipped with powerful amplifiers that provide 600 watts of power to each floorstanding speaker. At the same time, wireless signal transmission with 24-bit signal processing between the speakers ensures music playback of the highest quality. To enjoy music in your home, you only need to connect a source device and the power cables - external power amplifiers and speaker cables are no longer required. In the shapely bass reflex floor-standing speakers, the two Titanium Graphite woofers in 192 mm format produce the deepest bass - highest precision and enormous pressure are guaranteed. At the same time, our double cone and wave surround technology ensure contour-sharp sound even at high volumes. In the mid-range, we use a 174 mm titanium graphite midrange driver in the Smart Vento 9 S2: its large diaphragm area and triple convoluted wave surround, as well as its powerful drive, ensure music reproduction that is always clear and authentic. The perfect complement comes in the form of our proven and sonically high-caliber 25mm dome tweeter with a membrane made of aluminum oxide ceramic. 


Active wireless stand speaker


2 years

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