Oyaide Continental 5S USB A-B USB Cable
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Oyaide Continental 5S USB A-B USB Cable

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Oyaide Continental 5S USB

“Continental 5S” is the premium Hi-Fi USB cable created for audio enthusiasts with concentration by our years of experiences.

Special Contact Parts

The material of the contact which is the core factor for signal transmission is made of RoHS compliant high-quality copper alloy. And for better conductivity and durability, we applied double-layered plating which has been applied to many Oyaide products and proven its effectivity along with our long-time experience. The inner layer is silver plating which has the highest conductivity among all metals. The outer layer is rhodium plating which has excellent rigidity and durability.

Signal - 480Mbps USB2.0

The control of the cable impedance was done by maximally considered design and struck pitch adjustment. For stable signal transmission, the distance, thickness, and strand have to be structured reasonably. “Continental 5S” has clean electric signal wave by this impedance control and makes excellent transmit stability preventing noise generation. Although the conductor diameter of regular cables is usually AWG28, the conductor diameter of “Continental 5S” is thicker AWG25 which helps to lower conductor resistance and prevent jitter loss.

Silk: 100% silk filament has an ultra-low electrostatic capacitance

Although a conductor is the most important factor when a signal transmitted through a cable, an insulator is also very significant to prevent loss of signal transmission. We applied fluorine-contained resin (PFA) for its insulation material for its ultra-low permittivity.

However, PFA is a material that is easily charged by static electricity. When signal transmits in a cable, it generates very tiny vibrations and the material charged by static discharges by it. To solve this problem, we installed “silk filament” which prevents the rise of electric permittivity by filling layer and enhances its flexibility.

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