Ecosse Slipstream USB A to B Digital Interconnect Cable
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 Ecosse Slipstream USB A to B Digital Interconnect CableEcosse Slipstream USB A to B Digital Interconnect Cable 

Ecosse Slipstream USB A to B Digital Interconnect Cable

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Ecosse Slipstream USB A to B Digital Interconnect Cable

Introducing our new Ecosse Reference SLIPSTREAM USB (Listen with your Ears™) Interconnect Cable

Our internationally renowned patented Monocrystal™ conductor technology is rightly considered GOAT when it comes to transferring the delicate audio signal between source and component. In truth there is no better conductor material for the delicate audio signal to travel along. Bottom line? Monocrystal™ beats oxygen free copper / silver plated oxygen free copper hands down (see below). 
The Soundman DiagramWe are now proud to bring this technology to digital audio based streaming systems, with our over-engineered SLIPSTREAM type-A to type-B USB interconnect cables. Simply put, this highest quality USB will better get you closer to the music. You just need to Listen with your Ears™.
Here our Monocrystal™ conductors are bound in an ultra-low-loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric, wrapped in a secondary jacket, then double shielded to deter the pervasive and invasive negative effects of EMI and ESI (electromagnetic and electrostatic interference) on your delicate audio signal path.
By controlling attenuation, EMI and ESI ‘noise’, by considering skin effect and dielectric loss etc we ensure low electric impedance- all of which leads to a reduction in ‘jitter’-  the No1 digital audio signal ‘killer’.
To complete installation, a high precision stripping machine is then used to assemble the cable ends; this ensures maximum degree of accuracy with minimal reflection loss.  It really is GOAT!
As you would expect from a company of such expertise, every cable at Ecosse is then passed to a test engineer, ensuring that meets its strict specification; only then it will be released with its signed paperwork for our customers.
Our Ecosse Slipstream USB cables sets a new standard for highest data transfer required in modern equipment, allowing Dsd, Flac and Wav files to be delivered with unprecedented transparency at the price point; all USB plugs are also deep 24 karat gold plated to ensure the best possible contact signal transfer. 
A bit about Monocrystal™ conductors: a typical grain (also often referred to as a ‘crystal’) of our unique Monocrystal™ conductor material is 125m long ( at 0.3mm diameter), thanks to the particular extrusion process used to manufacture it. This ensures an almost 100% grain-free barrier to the signal. With almost zero barriers to the signal one can be assured of near zero impedance down the complete length of the wire resulting in a smear-free ultra-detailed signal!
Listen with your Ears™ as Ecosse takes you closer to the music of your highest resolution files.


  • Monocrystal™ Pure Conductors 
  • FPE dielectric 
  • Aluminium Mylar and OFC braided shields 
  • 24 karat Gold plated contacts 
  • Available in 0.5m 1m 2m and 3m lengths 
  • Overall cable diameter 5.3mm

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