Reloop Turn 5 Turntable (With Ortofon 2M Red Fitted)

Reloop Turn 5 Turntable (With Ortofon 2M Red Fitted)

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Reloop Turn 5 Turntable (With Ortofon 2M Red Fitted)

The TURN 5 from Reloop HiFi is a precision-engineered, quartz-controlled direct-drive record player that adheres to the highest sound requirements. The sturdy, industrial chassis boasts a premium finish, accented by gold trim that sets the TURN 5 aside as a prestige piece of equipment.

Internally, the brushless direct-drive DC motor ensures a quick and powerful drive system with stable and smooth rotational power. Coupled to the dampening rubber base of the platter (which is also supplied with a rubber mat), the TURN 5’s drive system is free from unwanted resonance, so the turntable can deliver excellent timing and detail in the sound performance.

To suit the widest range of record collections, the TURN 5 motor supports 33, 45 and 78RPM playback with a choice of three buttons on the top plate. For collectors who have a variety of cartridges to suit their record collection – such as 78RPM mono cartridges for shellac records, or a different type of cartridge for different musical styles – the TURN 5 is equipped with a statically balanced S-shape tonearm with removable headshell for easy cartridge changeovers. The tonearm system boasts a sturdy-yet-light frame with convenient anti-skate dial, adjustable VTA, a hydraulic lift system and a heavy counterweight to suit a wide variety of cartridge/headshell combinations. In the box, the TURN 5 is supplied with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge for high-fidelity playback from new.

The TURN 5 housing is a heavy-duty metal construction with shock-absorbing feet to eliminate unwanted vibrations. The rear-mounted gold-plated, phono-level RCA outputs with separate earth connection are recessed into the chassis for added protection and to facilitate easy cable upgrades. Elsewhere the TURN 5 is supplied with all necessary cables and accessories to get working out of the box, and the added convenience of a supplied dust cover ensures the turntable can be kept safe when not in use.

The TURN 5 is a premium hi-fi turntable that satisfies both practical and audio design requirements. Built to be convenient for a wide range of uses and to meet expected audiophile standards, the TURN 5 produces a sound signature that is present, direct and enveloping with exceptional timing and detail. It’s a new must-consider direct drive option.

Key Features:
Quartz-Controlled HiFi turntable with high torque
Brushless Direct Drive DC Motor
Precision machined Die-Cast Aluminium Turntable Platter for a perfectly balanced rotation
Deadening Rubber covering rear platter surface & special 5mm rubber mat for optimized resonance control and damping
Static-balanced S shaped tonearm with VTA adjustment
Adjustable anti-skating dial for improved cartridge tracking
Pre-installed Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
Integrated motor control selector for conveniently selecting three different speeds (33, 45 and 78 RPM)
Universal Headshell Connector provides added flexibility
High Quality Phono outputs (with separate grounding connection)
Gold-plated, corrosion resistant audio outputs (power and RCA cables detachable)
Sunk-in terminal cavity for protected connection
Especially heavy metal construction, rigid cabinet design and Shock-resistant feet for effective decoupling
Supplied counterweight supports a wide variety of cartridges
Elegant design with deep black Piano Finish and a fully gold anodised Platter
Included Accessories: Turntable Platter, Dust Cover, 2x Dustcover hinges, Balance Counter Weight, PHONO RCA Cable with earth lead, AC power supply cord, Rubber Mat, Instruction Manual, Ortofon 2M Red cartridge & headshell

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