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Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters
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Townshend Audio Maximum Super TweetersTownshend Audio Maximum Super TweetersTownshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters

Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters

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Supertweeters add the high frequencies that conventional speakers don’t reproduce

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Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters

Now available in satin silver or satin black

1 x pair supplied

If it’s of the performance envelope-pushing persuasion, the Townshend Maximum Supertweeters will undoubtedly take it, and you, to the next level.” Hi Fi Choice November 2002.

I still have my Maximum Supertweeters, thank goodness but I have tried living with them switched off and, believe me, it felt like masochism.Hi Fi News and Record Review March 2003.

Super tweeters are invaluable if you listen to SACDs and DVD-A discs since these discs contain the extended frequencies the supertweeters are designed to reproduce (as are high quality vinyl LPs). But also – as we heard – they’re invaluable for regular CDs and other digital formats too, allowing a sound that’s fuller, more natural, more detailed and more rhythmic.


The key benefit of Towshend Audio's supertweeters is that they are a ribbon design, allowing a more accurate reproduction of the high frequencies

Connection to the Supertweeters is by 4.0mm bananas. The included connecting cable is fitted with 4.0mm banana 'piggy back' connectors to allow you to easily add them to existing speakers.



Embodying super-powerful neodymium magnets and an ultra thin eight micron pure aluminium ribbon, the Maximum Supertweeter offers outstanding performance in an easy to drive, compact package. The low frequency -3dB point of the first order crossover is set at 20Khz. Output may be set to suit speakers with sensitivities ranging from 80dB to 110dB, adjusted in steps by an seven position switch on the rear. The correct setting is easily found by trial and error. Input connectors are 4mm banana sockets. All copper conductors, including the matching transformer windings cables, are deep cryogenically treated (EDCT) for unrivalled fidelity.

Pressure relief vents in the sides of the case are provided to allow the air pressure on the ribbon to equalize in the event of sudden pressure changes. The Maximum Supertweeter may be connected directly across the output of amplifiers up to 350W. An automatically resetting fuse helps prevent ribbon damage in the event of overload. The Maximum Supertweeters are best placed centrally on top of your existing speakers. The 1.5m cables are connected to the main speakers’ tweeter terminals or directly across the power amplifier feed. A choice of spade or ‘piggy back’ banana connectors are offered to facilitate connection. Please specify.


The Supertweeters are supplied as standard with 1.5m of Townshend Isolda impedance matched, EDCT Litz cable, terminated with ‘piggy back’ 4.0mm banana connectors. Spades available on request



  Suitable for all speakers with sensitivities between 80dB and 110dB, including Electrostatics
  Power rating: suitable for amplifiers up 350W Music Power
  Dimensions. 50mm (W), 30mm (H), 100mm (D).
  1.5m connecting cable included (can be longer if required)
  Bracket for Quad ESL 57 speakers available
  14 day equipment Home Trial available
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The Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeter
Sunday, 19 April 2020  | 

I bought the Super Tweeter for one sole purpose ... to bring life a rather dull top end of sound of my system... and it sure as hell bring out the sweetest high I could not imagine possible in my bookshelf speaker the Benchmark SMS1..

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A sound improvement
Monday, 21 August 2017  | 

The Townshend Supertweeters fulfill all promises made by the manufacturer.
Delivery by Analogue Seduction was quick and impeccable.

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Amazing Tweek!
Wednesday, 12 July 2017  | 

I recently purchased the Townshend Maximum Super Tweeters to see what improvements they might make to the sound of my speakers – not that the speakers were deficient in any way – after all they’re some of the best sounding speakers made at any price – the now famous Wavetouch Audio Grand Tetons / Anteros.

While these amazing monitors produce incredibly life-like sound in all respects, I had read the reviews of the TM Super Tweeters and was curious if they could actually improve the sound quality of any speaker in the manner the reviews reported.

Well… in sum… “hell yeah” they can and do!

I’m not sure how they do it… but… they actually increase the detail resolution from the bass, through the mids, to the highs. The leading edges of notes in all frequencies become sharper, faster, clearer; bass becomes better defined, more textured, and more solid / less boomy; as all frequencies do. There is more presence and a larger, deeper, more airy, life-like soundstage, with more precise image placement and separation. Highs are clearer, with more detail and shimmer.

The sound emanating from the Super Tweeters is not prominent / noticeable in any manner – you can barely hear it when you isolate on the Super Tweeters. But, the aggregate sonic image is noticeably enhanced in virtually all respects – presenting a more life-like sonic sound-scape and image.

While they are a bit pricey for such small tweeks, the overall sonic result justifies the investment. Recommended for those who have the budget for such tweeks, who are seeking that extra bit of realism from their music sources. I think you’ll be as amazed as I have been.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016  | 

I listened with QUAD ESL.
This super tweeters add sharpness and clearness to sound. Violin of Johanna Martzy is fresher than without it.
Linda Ronstadt`s voice becomes more
What`s New.
I think this Super Tweeter is beautiful.

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Towhshend Maximum Super Tweeters
Wednesday, 6 April 2016  | 

Well... I purchased these more to satisfy my curiosity after reading about how they could take a good system and add more clarity and coherence across the entire frequency spectrum. I have had them in my system for three days now and by golly, they really do work. As stated elsewhere, if you isolate them you can just barely hear something going on but it is hardly high in output or very recognizable as musical at least that I can detect anyway. However, add them back to your full-range speakers and it is a whole different story. I recently rebuilt my aging KEF R107 speakers that had ceased working due to completely disintegrated surrounds on all four woofers and tweeters with their voice coils stuck in 30 year old, dried up Ferro Fluid. With rebuild woofers and having disassembled, cleaned and recharged the tweeters, they were sounding very fine indeed so there was no compelling reason to fuss with them by adding super tweeters but boy, am I glad I did! These are still one of the best sounding speakers I have ever heard but with the super tweeter added in, they are elevated to something truly special. The claims others have made are all accurate. The clarity, space and ease across the entire spectrum is not subtle. My wife who knows nothing about any of this when asked to take a listed after I had installed them commented that the system sounded better than ever and proceeded to pretty much describe the improvements in similar terms. Keep in mind she had no idea the tweeters had been added and so was in no way biased. That is a pretty strong commendation in my book. Anyway, these things are really something special and you don't need to have perfect hearing to appreciate the improvements. I am testament to that because my hearing is hardly in pristine shape after all the years of playing in a rock band on the side off an on for the last 45 years. Highly recommended!

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Sunday, 13 December 2015  | 

I brought a Pair and they are exceptional. They add a delicacy and detail that is effortless and clear.
A very significant upgrade for me.
+ both Analogue Seduction and Townshend's customer service is exceptional.

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Money well spent
Sunday, 1 February 2015  | 

A similar effect to adding a superb sub woofer to your system in that as a sub woofer will clear and sharpen low frequency transients, the Townshend Super Tweeters clean and sharpen high frequency transients. You don't notice them the same way you don't notice a good sub woofer...when properly set up they do not bring any attention to themselves. You just hear more details and faster transient attack times. Money well spent, I highly recommend them.

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Townshend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters
Sunday, 22 December 2013  | 

I bought these super tweeters Townshend and I am very happy with their sound. They are very detailed and smooth.

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