Pro-Ject EVO 12CC Tonearm
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Pro-Ject EVO 12CC Tonearm

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Pro-Ject EVO 12CC Tonearm

The Evolution range of tonearms from Pro-Ject Audio Systems are some of the most coveted tonearms on the market. Available in 9", 10" and 12" lengths, the Evolution models offer flexibility, reliability and great sound for a competitive price.

The all-new EVO CC tonearm range features the latest and greatest technologies founded by Pro-Ject. Over years and years of development and testing, these tonearms are a perfect upgrade for your turntable. Featuring new finishes and many additional improvements, such as the high mass flange design, which is crucial to fix the tonearm securely to the turntable, and a massive tonearm holder which reduces the overall resonances of the whole tonearm.

The EVO CC range comes fully equipped with a full carbon fibre tonearm tube with conical shape ensuring that resonances are eliminated and that the moving mass of the tonearm is reduced. Ultra-low friction ball bearings for perfect cantering and lowest possibly bearing play. Not forgetting, the gravitational anti-skating system, which ensures that anti-skating force is accurate at the inner and outer grooves.

Furthermore, the EVO CC is internally wired with high-quality copper cabling and terminates into a 5-PIN DIN tonearm cable connector. The tonearm rests in a heavy CNC-machined tonearm holder when not in use, and is secured by a strong magnet locking system.

The new EVO range is a big comprehensive family allowing you to find a tonearm with the effective mass and choice of materials that suits your cartridge the most. Offering the lightest options with a pure carbon tonearm tube to the slightly heavier carbon-aluminium sandwich constructions up to S-shape aluminium tonearms with SME-headshells allowing for fine-tuning the weight even more, by experimenting with different headshell materials.

The EVO CC is supplied with two damped aluminium counterweights in the box, suiting most cartridge weights. Additional counterweights are available.

Available in 9“, 10“ and 12“ lengths, and Premium versions with stainless steel bearing block, silver tonearm wiring, and improved bearing block and counterweight design, this is the most complete tonearm range on the market right now.

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