Hadcock GH242 Export Tonearm
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Hadcock GH242 Export Tonearm

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Hadcock GH242 Export Tonearm

The standard version of the 242 tonearm. Arm tube is stainless steel, with pure copper wire leads. 

All arms come with a 1 year warranty against defective workmanship, and advice on cartridge types is freely offered. Stainless Steel arm tube with pure copper wire. 

"I was extremely surprised at the performance of the “Hadcock GH242 export.” This arm (ignored and slated by the high fi press for years) proved to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.” I did not expect the panoramic imaging to be as precise as was displayed. Neither did I think that the “export” would show transient abilities way beyond its price point would suggest. On solo piano this arm proved an exemplary performer adding very little of its own character to the overall quality of the vinyl being played. George Hadcock should be proud of this arm. Its performance was very similar to my own SME 5"

Stewart Wennan, Hi-Fi World April 2004

Mounting Hole Diameter

3/8" (15.87mm)

Overall Length

12.0" (304.8mm)


1.70" - 3.5" (43mm - 90mm)

Pivot Stem Length to Top of Arm

3.4" (86.4mm)

Pivot to Stylus Point

9.6" (243.8mm)

Pivot To Center of Turntable

8.9" (226.0mm)

Offset Angle


Rear Overhang

2.40" (62mm) maximum

Headshell Mounting

0.50" (12.7mm) centers

Cartridge Mass

3 - 12g

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