Oyaide PH-01RR RCA to RCA Tonearm Cable
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 Oyaide PH-01RR RCA to RCA Tonearm CableOyaide PH-01RR RCA to RCA Tonearm Cable 

Oyaide PH-01RR RCA to RCA Tonearm Cable

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Oyaide PH-01RR RCA to RCA Tonearm Cable

PH-01RR is a low load capacity tonearm cable, designed specifically for Moving Magnet Cartridges 

Optimize load capacitance (capacitance)
The band balance tends to change according to the load capacitance (electrostatic capacity) from the cartridge output part to the phono amp input part of the VM / MM cartridge, and when using a phono cable having a larger load capacity than the recommended value of the cartridge, the high frequency attenuates and the cartridge Performance may not be fully demonstrated. PH-01RR optimizes the load capacity from VM / MM cartridge to receiving phono amp. By properly matching, the signal picked up from the record is flatly transmitted as expected during cartridge design without deviating the playback bandwidth.

Precision conductor "102 SSC"
[PH - 01RR] cable conductor is the most important point of grasping the quality of the audio cable of Oyaide electricity, using the precious conductor "102 SSC" of Oyaide Electrical Original, which was greeted with praise from audio files all over the world doing. Peeling processing to remove 100% of impurities on the surface of copper wire based on JIS C 1011 oxygen-free copper base material, manufacturing control carried out with an accuracy of 1 μm, wire drawing by natural diamond dies which enhances the surface smoothness of the strands, It is created with the world's highest technology and quality. [PH - 01RR] which eliminated any impurities on the conductor surface and adopted the precision conductor "102 SSC" which the conductor surface was extremely accurate and smoothed to the utmost limitation, without smoothing the sound of the sound smoothly .

Signal cable
We designed a 1-core shield structure suitable for low capacity, and we reduced the capacity by carefully adjusting the distance between the center conductor and the shield. XLPE which has low capacity and excellent mechanical strength is adopted as an insulating material. Even when the cable is bent, the signal / shield can be kept constant, and stable transmission without fluctuation of the load capacity is realized. It adopts sideways winding on the shield and Pb Free PVC for the sheath, ensuring the flexibility of the cable. The RCA plug at both ends is an original plug of 24K gold-plated contact, and for soldering RCA plug and cable, "SS-47" developed by Oyaide Electric for sound is used.

Ground cable
The cross section of the conductor is set to 1.25 sq thick, thick and oxygen free copper 24 K gold plated Y rug is attached to both ends. Like the signal cable, the precision conductor "102 SSC" is used for conductors, providing high transmission performance and stable ground connection.

Independent signal / ground cable specification
The signal / earth cable was set as an independent specification, and the freedom degree of cable routing was improved. For a phonoamp built-in type record player that does not have a grounding terminal, it can be used with only a signal cable.

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