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Rega Strobe Kit
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Rega Strobe Kit

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Rega Strobe Kit

The Rega Strobe Kit has been specifically designed to allow you to gauge an accurate reading of the speed of your turntable using a strobe light paired with a stroboscopic disc. This Strobe Kit will work with any turntable no matter what the brand, and is extremely simple to use.

The Rega Strobe Kit will evaluate the speed of any turntable. The Strobe Kit generates 100 Hz of pulsed light for use with the 180-line stroboscopic disc that comes included. All you have to do is place the stroboscopic disc directly onto the turntable mat. Running the player at 33 1/3 RPM, simply hold the strobe LED directly above the lines to accurately evaluate the speed of your turntable.

To gauge the speed of your turntable, simply hold the strobe approx. 2-3cm away from the lines on the stroboscopic disc. If the lines freeze, remaining stable, the turntable is running at the correct speed. However, if the lines on the disc are moving slowly clockwise, this means that the turntable is running fast. And if the lines are moving slowly anti-clockwise, this means that the turntable is running too slow.

It is recommended that you hold up a reference point (such as a pencil tip) near the lines of the stroboscopic disc. This will enable you to easily identify whether the lines are stable or rotating. If your turntable or power supply is adjustable, you can correct the speed of your turntable until it is running at the correct speed and the lines are stable.

  • Accurate gauge of turntable speed
  • Generates 100 Hz of pulsed light
  • Stroboscopic disc included
  • Works with any turntable
  • Simple to use

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