Ecosse Reference MS4.45 Speaker Cable
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 Ecosse Reference MS4.45 Speaker CableEcosse Reference MS4.45 Speaker Cable 

Ecosse Reference MS4.45 Speaker Cable

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Ecosse Reference MS4.45 Speaker Cable

Our extensive R & D confirms that a mix of multi-stranded and solidcore conductors offer greater dynamics, more extended bandwidth at frequency extremes, and the finest of detail. (MS2.3 MULTISTRAND + MS2.15 SOLIDCORE)
MS2.3 DiagramOur competitors fail to understand the obvious advantages of using both multi-stranded AND solid core conductors in a bi-wire configuration (they tend to use 2 x the same multi-stranded cable resulting in a rather sluggish sound).

A loudspeaker consists of two drive units. - a high-frequency (HF) unit (tweeter), and a low frequency (LF) unit (woofer) they employ a "cross-over network" to direct low signal frequencies to the woofer, and high frequencies to the tweeter. This set up enables the loudspeaker to be bi-wired. In a biwire configuration 2 pairs of speaker cables are employed in order to ensure that the signals for the tweeter and woofer are sent by separate routes. Here, the cables feeding the higher frequencies (H.F.) are not affected by electromagnetic interference from the low frequency signals (L.F.), which are carried in separate conductors.

For systems offering audiophile level clarity and dynamics, we offer the stunning hi-end biwire set-up MS4.45, which employs separate multi-strand and solidcore conductors- in separate sheaths. With the MS4.45  our multi-award winning, world renowned MS2.3 multistrand cable drives the bass/mids and is the perfect match with the BEST OF TEST/HIGHEST TEST SCORE EVER (HI-FI NEWS) MS2.15 solidcore, driving the tweeters. 

Many manufacturers and hi-fi critics use just this combination in their demonstration or evaluation systems (including a very well-respected manufacturer of SACD equipment).

Truly, in the MS4.45 biwire we have another world-beater!
Biwiring Advantages
Using a biwiring configuration the net effect is a reduction in impedance seen by the amplifier; load is reduced and frequency response increased. The upshot of which is a genuine extension of soundstage and dynamics. More information on biwiring can be found here.

The MS4.45 is available ex factory pre-terminated and in nylon webbing- to keep the cables tidy. It represents our no-compromise, quality performance biwire cable set.

Suitable for both biwiring and bi-amping. In a tri-wire or tri-amp set-up, we recommend the MS2.3 driving the bass units and 2 runs of MS2.15, one driving the mid units and one driving the treble units for ultimate bandwidth extension and presence.
May be configured 2-to-4 or 4-to-4 and terminated in z/x bananas or spades, or Monocrystal™ logo-bananas or Monocrystal™ spades.

Technical Specifications


3mm sq x 2 x-section cable for bass/mid extension

260 Monocrystal™ Copper rope-lay strands per conductor

Superior low-loss PP dielectric insulation

Cotton fibre and paper tape acoustic damping

8.5mm o/d circular soft PVC jacket


1.76mm sq x 2 x-section cable for treble extension

Perfectly circular Monocrystal™ Copper solidcore conductors

Superior low-loss PP dielectric insulation

Cotton fibre and paper tape acoustic damping

Cotton paper and yarn filled

7.5mm o/d circular soft PVC jacket

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