Ecosse MS2.3 Speaker Cable
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Ecosse MS2.3 Speaker Cable

Received consecutive What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 'Best Speaker Cable Award

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Ecosse MS2.3 Speaker Cable

Factory terminated pairs available: 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m, 6.0m

- Termination types:

--- Ecosse hollow beryllium copper bananas

--- Ecosse OFC spades

The MS2.3 MonocrystalTM copper conductor full bandwidth 'single-wire' is a genuine world-favourite cable. From Tokyo to Istanbul - and all points in between- the MS2.3 is fast becoming 'de-rigueur' among discerning, cost-conscious audiophiles. Never before has a cable of this precise structure, conductor purity, and quality insulation been available at real-world prices. Many are being seduced by its effortless ability to keep timing precisely, and the wide and dynamic soundstage it offers.

Not surprisingly it has received consecutive What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 'Best Speaker Cable Award @ £20+' in 1999-01 and 2000-01. 2002 saw it receiving yet another accolade-a 'RECOMMENDED' certification from Hi-Fi Choice Magazine.



Using  patented MonocrystalTM copper conductors in our acclaimed concentric strand, rope-lay weave, this 'speaker' cable delivers a punchy, dynamic and detailed performance within a soundstage that conveys accurate width, depth and height perspectives.

Structurally, the MS2.3 consists of 3sq. mm twisted copper strands, low dielectric loss polypropylene insulation, cotton damping and soft PVC sheathing. The cotton damping is particular effective at eliminating the deleterious effects of 'microphony vibrations' (resonances) - a consideration ignored by many of our established competitors.

Having an unusually large cross-sectional area - 3sq mm of MonocrystalTM ultra-pure Copper is exceptional and would previously have been prohibitively expensive to bring to the real-world price market - lowers DC resistance (which significantly extends low frequency information) while its greater effective surface area extends high frequency information. Past experience confirms that you would have had to pay more than double to achieve what the MS2.3 offers.

The MS2.3 is also desirable where long runs of 'speaker cable' are necessary e.g. in high-end home cinema/multi-room set-ups.

Add to this the potential of bi-wiring with the solidcore MS2.15 'speaker cable' and you have a synergic cable set which conveys all of the players intentions and emotions in fully preserving signal accuracy and integrity



Multi-Award Winning Monocrystal™-Cu 'multistrand' conductors
Superior low-loss Polypropylene dielectric insulation
Rope-lay weave twisted pair configuration
Conductor X-section 2.97mm sq.
8mm circular o/d soft PVC vibration absorbing jacket

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