Esoteric 7N-S10000II MEXCEL Speaker Cables
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Esoteric 7N-S10000II MEXCEL Speaker Cables

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Esoteric 7N-S10000II MEXCEL Speaker Cables

The 7N-S10000II has a quad-core star quad structure for double the conductor cross-sectional area of previous twin-core models without increasing the maximum cord diameter, thus providing better energy transfer befitting a top-end-model speaker cable. Bi-wiring spec options (connectivity of two terminals with four terminals) can also be ordered, and by adding a braided shield not available with the previous model, even more advanced measures against noise are taken.

There are dense braided conductors made of flat-shape MEXCEL braided conductors with a uniform MEDIS (electro-deposited insulation) coating applied to the four cores with polyolefin-elastomer strings wound around and interspaced to achieve flat transmission characteristics up to the gigahertz zone. Cables are also shielded with noise-reducing aluminum + carbon Kevlar composite sleeves at the hot/cold branch. Termination is silver + rhodium plating, and beryllium copper alloy 50 banana plugs or 6N Cu spade connectors can be specified when ordering.


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