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SOTA LP Cleaner Record Cleaning Machine
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SOTA LP Cleaner Record Cleaning Machine

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SOTA LP Cleaner Record Cleaning Machine

The SOTA LP Record Cleaning Machine has been carefully designed and manufactured to provide years of trouble-free, high-quality record cleaning. This LP Cleaner sets new standards for record cleaning quality, ease of use, and quality of manufacturer.
The condition of your vinyl collection has a great impact on the quality of your listening. The SOTA Record Cleaning Machine will both preserve and revive your LP's. Its single switch operation and automatic features make the SOTA Record Cleaner easier to use vs. the VPI and Nitty-Gritty cleaners. SOTA's LP Cleaner cleans better and holds more waste fluid for hours of record cleaning without stopping. For excessive high volumes of cleaning, the machine has been designed, and is available with an exhaust fan, which allows air flow and cooling for non-stop cleaning pleasure.

The LPC is housed in a sturdy, hand crafted, attractive black laminate cabinet with a watertight interior. The hand polished black acrylic cover is removable for easy storage. The SOTA record cleaning machines incorporate a precision waterproof polymer platter with a soft PVC record mat, providing long-life as well as a flat and safe record-mounting surface. The LPC Crystal Fluid dispensing system provides full record application with spill-free semi-automatic fluid application allowing easy one-hand operation.

The Vari-Port™ design, or vacuum pick-up tube sleeve, achieves linear vacuum pressure across the record’s surface. A hardwood soft-bristle brush is included for manual record scrubbing. A large 32 oz. capacity waste fluid tank incorporates an exterior level indicator for simple gauging of when to empty the tank. Easy and complete fluid draining is then accomplished with a small external hose and clamp. When not in use, the LPC’s detachable A/C cord allows for easy storage. A convenient storage area is provided for the brush and A/C cord.

"Records were found to be greatly improved. I cannot stress enough how much this type of record cleaning can improve the enjoyment of music. As a cleaner of vinyl records, and an easy-to-use one at that, the SOTA comes highly recommended."


"I highly recommend the SOTA Record Cleaning Machine to any truly serious audiophile or record collector." 



  • MOTOR High torque A/C motor, 18 RPM (110v units), 16 RPM (230v units)
  • VACUUM Wet/dry bypass, linear-vacuum across vacuum surface
  • PICK-UP User replaceable vari-port fluid pick-up tube
  • FLUID TYPE SOTA crystal alcohol based solution (8oz bottle included)
  • WEIGHT 30lbs. (13.6kg.)
  • DIMENSIONS 8-1/2" H, 19" W, 14-1/2 D

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