WBT-0110 Nextgen RCA Connectors
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 WBT-0110 Nextgen RCA ConnectorsWBT-0110 Nextgen RCA Connectors 

WBT-0110 Nextgen RCA Connectors

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WBT-0110 Nextgen RCA Connectors

WBT has continued to produce connectors specifically for the high-end audio industry for over 20 years. The product line has expanded to include functionally unique features that truly elevate them to the top. WBT products are very popular with audio cable and equipment manufacturers worldwide and can be found as standard equipment on many well respected brands.

The WBT range of audio connectors are well proven to offer superb sound quality when connected to even the most basic cables; step up the cable quality and the results can be astonishing.

The WBT-0110Cu RCA connector is a signal conductor made of fine silver and, as the name suggests, sports the revolutionary nextgen™ connector - a new generation of higher- performance plug connections from WBT. The cable has true 75-ohm characteristic impedance, which means that these plugs not only transmit superb analogue signals but also outstanding digital audio and video signals. The transmission bandwidth is 1 GHz.

Eddy currents occur in metal components close to where alternating currents flow. These currents can result in major signal distortions. The WBT-0110Cu is designed in such a way that eddy currents do not occur.

The contact elements of the plug are made of high-purity copper, with nickel-free gold-plating to ensure high signal transmission and prevent oxidation and impairment to the contact.

The clamping mechanism, which works in the same way as the chuck device in a drill, firmly clamps the outer contact against the RCA socket. The high clamping pressure not only guarantees a secure connection but also minimises transition resistance. The pressure wedge between the contact and the sleeve is made of plastic, which means that the sleeve is completely insulated and cannot influence the signal.  In addition, any size variation in the outer contact of a socket is compensated for, thereby ensuring a perfect fit.  

The clamping sleeve is designed with two sections so that the front section moves freely as the rear section is turned. This eliminates the risk of torsional strain on the contact elements. The central pin is slotted and ideally formed thereby giving a firm yet elastic contact that ensures lasting and reliable electrical connection with absolutely minimal transition resistance.

  • The central contact element can be removed to facilitate cable soldering.
  • A Torx screw provides reliable cable strain relief.
  • Cable diameter:  up to 9 mm 

The main features of the WBT-0110Cu/Ag connector are:-

  • High-purity copper contacts with nickel-free, 24k gold-plating, or Passivated pure fine silver contacts, depending on model chosen
  • The body is constructed of Ultramid®, while the negative contact uses Dyneon™.
  • The barrel is comprised of Al/Mg alloy for improved rejection of EMI.
  • With a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms, the WBT-0110 makes the perfect match for digital audio and video.
  • The maximum size conductor that can be used is 1.5mm² / 16-17 AWG. Maximum diameter of cable with dielectric is 9mm² / 0.354 inches².
  • Connector body available in nine different colours for multichannel identification. The barrel is offered in cobalt blue only.
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Based on science, not magic
08 May 2021  | 

Cables, connectors, and similar accessory components, are a subject of large disputes and discussions regarding their impact on the sound, so it is not easy to write a review without risking of getting ridiculed. When it comes to WBT however, there are couple of very important scientifically proven facts:

1. A wrench-like function of the main ring creates a strong and stable connection with the ground. Good contact is an essential function of the RCA (or any) connector, and in the case of WBT, it is secured in a very innovative way. However, one very important advice: you MUST make sure when you connect it to your device, to SCREW IT TIGHT! Otherwise it loses contact and can create catastrophe (especially if you're using it for the power amp for instance). Be careful, these RCAs are not what you're accustomed to!

2. There's very little metal. Less metal means less RFI, which is very important in todays high level of radio noise.

3. Eddy currents are eliminated. Even though they are typically very small on this signal level, they're still there and cannot be ignored. The shape of the contacts and internal connection leads eliminate this problem.

I soldered them onto an Audio Note mid-class interconnect cable (model AN-C150). I have not done a direct and scientific comparison with other RCAs/cables combinations to be able to talk about exact acoustic characteristics and differences, however, in my own system, they seem to have brought up highs and made bass a little more tight and better defined, without losing its depth. Midrange also sounds sweeter, with a longer reverb in the recordings. This is to my liking.

I feel like I got some sort of a "boost" in enjoying my music more, as I realised that my listening sessions have suddenly become longer than usual.

It would be very interesting to make a comparison with the silver version, but they are double in price and would probably require combination with silver cables as well. So the copper version is perfect "golden middle" with their price.

All in all, these RCAs are well engineered, with real, visible and tangible advantages to many other RCAs on the market. This IMHO justifies their price and I can full heartedly recommend them to those who seek high-end interconnects, without breaking the bank. However: do not forget to screw them tight!

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Many thanks
13 September 2018  | 

As always, good price, good packing, fast shipping...

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