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Project Record Puck
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 Project Record PuckProject Record Puck 

Project Record Puck

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Project Record Puck

The Project Turntable Record Puck is for use on Project turntables, its 750g weight ensures a firm fit between the record and the platter surface. Also suitable for most other turntables with similar size spindles. 

Modern vinyl records are thin, flexible and often warped or bowed. As most records do not lie flat on the turntable platter, sound reproduction suffers due to un-damped vinyl resonances caused by the stylus riding on an unsupported record. Records which are bowed downwards contact the platter at the outer edge but not in middle. Conversely, records that are warped or bowed upwards tend to rock on the platter. In these instances anti-skating compensation is less effective and record wear is increased substantially by the lateral or vertical see-saw motion of the tonearm/cartridge combination.
The Project Turntable Record Puck solves the above problems by bringing the record into more intimate contact with the platter.

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Project puck
Friday, 29 January 2016  | 

Having just got back into vinyl as many have and my 39 th birthday looming I took a punt on this, I mean who cares if it makes a difference, it adds to the event, right? Well I was sceptical. Opened the rather nice box, and there was this gorgeously made lump of brass. So I started spinning without it for a few tracks. Listened to the same tracks with the!! Everything leaped from my speakers and sat in front of me, bass tightened vocals lifted and I heard a new sound, a definite bargain. Buy it. Sounds like a lot for a lump of brass, but believe me, my player is a new machine..I love vinyl...right, next upgrade???

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Very nice puck
Thursday, 10 April 2014  | 

The Pro-ject Record Puck is a basic and easy to use accessory. It does the same job as a record clamp except it also adds a 750 gram mass to the platter. I had recently replaced my steel platter with an acrylic platter, and this puck has replaced the weight that was lost in the upgrade. The puck is BRASS and will not affect your MC or MM cartridges. It is made with a comfortable groove in the side and is easy to grip, even with arthritis affected hands. The puck is finished with a high quality powder coat satin black paint and is presented in a wooden box (new design) with magnetic lid restraint and no hinges or clasp. A nice accessory for any turntable.

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