Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)
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Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)
Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)

Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)

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Moon 888 Power Amplifiers (pair)

Moon power amplifiers

The amplifier is the energy of the system: it provides the power to the speakers. It is used with a preamplifier or with a source with its own volume control. A power amplifier has only one function: to amplify the signal. It performs better than any other type of device in that regard. There are two-channel models (typical choice) or mono models to buy in pairs for even more power. The latter option allows to bring amplifiers closer to the speakers, an advantage. Depending on preferences, a variety of powers and configurations are possible. Our industry-leading power amplifiers benefit from circuits with topology without global feedback, providing unmatched musicality.


Bold in visual appearance. Prodigious in power output. Unrelenting in its musical accuracy. The most powerful MOON amplifier yet. Every decade or two an ideal borne from beyond the confines of our economic reality comes into being. A team of dedicated and passionate professionals assemble with one singular goal in mind: to design and bring to the world a new superlative level of musical reproduction. It is a forward leap redefining what is possible.


The cumulation of technical expertise, combined with passion and a relentless pursuit for perfection has led to the creation of the MOON 888. This isn’t just another monoblock amplifier. It’s a statement. It is a concept taken to the extreme in every detail. The impressive power output is actually very modestly rated at a “mere” 1.2hp (888 watts). This is backed by a gargantuan power supply that coupled with an 8kW capacity output section on enormous cast-aluminum heatsinks can drive any load with complete effortlessness.


The ineffable clarity unleashes musical detail that was, up until now, considered unattainable. The MOON 888 can “track” the musical signal so accurately that it simply does not impart any character of its own. For the first time the awesome dynamics of real live music are possible in the playback chain.

  • Output Power at 8Ω
    888 Watts (1.2HP)
  • Output Power at 4Ω
    1776 Watts (2.4HP)
  • Input Sensitivity
    2.4V RMS
  • Input Impedance
  • Gain
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio
    120dB @ full power
  • Frequency response (full range)
    10Hz - 200kHz +0/-3.0dB
  • THD (20Hz - 20kHz @ full power)
  • Intermodulation distortion
  • Shipping weight
    300 lbs / 136 kgs
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth)
    22 x 14 x 27 in
    55.9 x 35.6 x 68.6 cm.

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