Meridian G57 2 Channel Power Amplifier
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Meridian G57 2 Channel Power Amplifier

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Meridian G57 2 Channel Power Amplifier

Designed to match other G Series components, G57 features a luxurious bead blasted metal exterior with glass accents. Two channels of 200 watts of clean power provide breathtaking performance from any passive loudspeaker.

Like the G55 multi-channel amplifier, G57 is based on innovations in amplifier design first introduced in Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 Loudspeaker. G57 is equally at home partnering with 800 or G Series. When combined with G55 and a Meridian Surround Controller, the G57 becomes an integral part of a 7.1 analogue theatre system.


While providing 200 watts per channel, the G57 can be bridged to provide a staggering 1,000 watts of mono power. This allows a system to grow from a single G57 in stereo, to a pair in mono for a reference level amplifier combination. Meridian’s “Super Balanced” operation internally balances even single ended signals for the best sound quality.

The G57 contains two amplifier modules, featuring a symmetrical design with fully electronically balanced inputs. Meridian employs a soft start circuit that eliminates any turn on and turn off “thumps.” Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided, with the unbalanced inputs converted to balanced before entering the amplifier itself. This “Super Balanced” design provides the highest quality music, while keeping noise at a minimum. All of this produces one of the most musical amplifiers available.

Special attention has been paid to ensuring that the amplifiers can deliver the power that is required at any given moment. Massive twin low-noise toroidal power transformers provide power to no less than four selected pairs of output devices fed by four audiophile-grade smoothing capacitors per channel. Each channel is carefully temperature-controlled for optimum operating characteristics and efficiency. The result is a clear, open sound with deep controlled bass.

Sharing many common design parameters developed for the power amplifiers in Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 Digital Loudspeaker systems, G57 is designed to provide the best performance with any passive loudspeaker. These innovations include a unique, ultra-low-feedback design and capacitor-free signal path. These combine to provide incredible control and speed for fast tight bass and outstanding sound quality from a passive loudspeaker.

With balanced analogue inputs and 12-volt trigger, G57 compliments both Meridian 800 and G Series in either a two-channel system, or, as the main channels of a high performance analogue theatre when combined with G55.


  • Two discrete 200-watt mono amplifiers ensure maximum channel separation perfect for high performance stereo systems.
  • Meridian “Super Balanced” technology provides balanced operation from single ended connections, providing more music with less noise.
  • Dual binding post per channel allow for bi-wiring of passive loudspeakers for clearer sound and better bass.
  • Single-ended and balanced inputs ensure the broadest compatibility with any stereo or surround controller.
  • Capacitor free signal path ensures fast and accurate low frequency control for outstanding bass reproduction.
  • 12-volt on/off triggers make for simple and care free operation.
  • Standby mode maintains voltage rails eliminating “warm up” time for instant, optimum sound quality.
  • Full DC/thermal protection for carefree operation at any volume level
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22 July 2020  | 

So, I have in the cinema B&W CM10, large CM Center and large CM Bookshelves, on dedicated stands. All CM S1. I started with a Pioneer SCLX58 AVR, then an Anthem MRX710, then added Teddy Pardo's MB100 for the CM10's, then the Meridian G55 and now the G57 (driving the CM10's and the G55 the other three, rears bi amped). So each step was a vast improvement, but I was always missing the timber. I got very close with the G55 biamping the CM10's it started showing real music with the right source. Now with the G57 I have timber. When I first heard the CM10's S1 at NAB (Broadcast Show) they really impressed and ever since I have been looking to re-experience that first impression (unfortunately they were driven by something of the top pro audio world). Now in Stereo and in 5.1 all speakers in my set up have timbre and Miles Davis Kind of Blue (SACD) is what I remembered of this first experience on the CM10’s. They don’t replace my Harbeth room, but they are now quite close. The G55 and G57 are very impressive. I even got a chance to trial some famous amps from the US starting with M and ending in tosh and clearly the Meridians are a different level on this CM S1 set up.

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05 March 2020  | 

Not a name that is reviewed by the HiFi Press these years but the G57 is an amazing power amp.
Smooth, detailed and fully in control this powerful amp is well worth the expense and weight.

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Fit & Forget
11 August 2018  | 

I was looking for a good quality Power Amplifier with no frills other than just an on/off switch. When you power it from standby there are no clicks or pops through the speaker. Its weight is a massive 53lb which looking at the web photos seems to be due to the massive transformer. Very good sound quality when fronted by my Musical Fidelity Encore Connect and Tannoy Prestige Speakers

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