Pro-Ject NRS Box S3 (Noise Reduction System) Silver - NEW OLD STOCK
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Pro-Ject NRS Box S3 (Noise Reduction System) Silver - NEW OLD STOCK

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Pro-Ject NRS Box S3 (Noise Reduction System) Silver - NEW OLD STOCK - RRP £289

De-Crackling function to reduce clicks
Reduces noise of vinyl records and motor noise
Galvanic bypass to system invisibility
Compact S3-line casework
The Vinyl NRS Box S3 is designed with the sole purpose of bringing enjoyment back to older vinyl records that may have worn to a point where they are now impeded by high surface noise and audible crackling, even when clean. With its sophisticated digital signal processing, you can listen to those records again like new.  
 To use the Vinyl NRS Box S3, it needs to be connected to a turntable system via its Line Level input, so it only works after the phono stage in the signal path. Once connected, it should simply be switched on and the “De-Crackle” function will initiate. The strength of this process can be tuned using the front-mounted dial and can even be increased further by clicking the Intensity button. Separately, the Vinyl Noise Reduction System can be started with a push of the VNRS button, dramatically reducing vinyl surface noise and turntable motor noise.  
 Thanks to its sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms, the Vinyl NRS Box S3 first converts the analogue music to a high resolution 24-bit / 96kHz digital format for minimal signal loss, and then separately initiates each process – depending on the current settings and the position of the De-Crackle dial. This allows you to run one or both processes at the same time. For times when the input signal is too high, the -6dB switch allows for the original signal to be attenuated before passing to the digital stage.
The premium internal componentry and one-board design keeps noise and distortion very low in the system, meaning that the audio you experience after the Vinyl NRS Box S3 feels completely natural and original. For times when you do not need the Vinyl NRS Box S3, you can simply switch the box off and a galvanic bypass will directly link the RCA inputs to the RCA outputs for a completely untouched signal path. 
The Vinyl NRS Box S3 is a unique proposition for vinyl lovers. A compact, versatile box that makes old, worn records listenable again, but when is not required it completely disappears from the signal chain. Experience your whole vinyl collection exactly as you remember it with the Vinyl NRS Box S3. 
Key Features:
NEW De-Crackling function to reduce clicks
NEW noise reduction for vinyl records
NEW reduces noise of the turntable drive
Processing based on DSP with 24 bits
96 kHz sampling rate for precise processing
Galvanic pure bypass if switched OFF
Ideal transfer characteristics and linearity
De-Crackling with adjustable sensitivity
Line-level operation
Compact design in standard S3-line case
Full aluminium housing
Technical Data
Operation: Line Level
Input Voltage, typically: 300-500 mVrms
Max. input voltage (clipping) 4.4Vpp, 1.55Vrms
Clip indication: -0.6dB below real clipping
Internal sampling and calculations: 96 kHz/24 bits
Internal processing: 56-bit accumulator
Inputs: 1 x RCA Pair (Line Level)
Outputs: 1 x RCA Pair (Line Level)
THD: <0.017% (1500 mVrms Input Level)
Frequency Response Characteristics: 20Hz – 20kHz: -0.6 / +0.1dB 30Hz – 20kHz: -0.2 / +0.1dB
De-Crackling Reduction: 5dB (3kHz – 20kHz) 8dB (2kHz – 20kHz)
VNRS Reduction: Up-to 6dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
Galvanic Bypass: < 0.3Ω
Dimensions w x h d: 103 x 37 x 125mm (including sockets)
Finish options: Silver & Black

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