KAB Cermag Ceramic to MM Cartridge Convertor
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 KAB Cermag Ceramic to MM Cartridge ConvertorKAB Cermag Ceramic to MM Cartridge Convertor 

KAB Cermag Ceramic to MM Cartridge Convertor

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KAB Cermag Ceramic to MM Cartridge Converter

The CerMag™ is designed to convert the high output of a ceramic or crystal cartridge to that of a moving magnet cartridge.

    This permits the use of older record changers and the like to be plugged into a conventional phono preamp.

    The KAB CerMag will restore levels, tonal balance and eliminate distortion that comes from mismatching the ceramic cartridge to modern day electronics.

    The circuit is based on application data for the Sonotone 9T. I have tested it with modern ceramic cartridges and the results are quite good.

If you are looking for a way to use that older phonograph and the tonearm will not permit the use of a modern magnetic phono cartridge, the KAB CerMag may be the solution you are looking for.

    The really great features to take note of with the KAB CerMag is the usefulness. Now you can put that old changer into use. Stack up those 45's and have a party.

    I suspect there are lots of vintage players out there that are not being used because they are no longer compatible with newer equipment. Here is an easy, cost effective way to put them back into service.
    KAB Sells needles too, so keep us in mind when the time comes to replace your worn stylus.


1 Year Warranty
Gold Plated RCA's
Easy To Install
Works With All Vintage Cartridges


Magnetically Shielded
Gold Plated Connectors
Glass Epoxy Circuit Boards
Phono Level Matching
Corrective Equalizing
Shipping Weight: 1 Lb.

    By applying the correct reverse equaliaztion and level shifting, the CerMag takes the high output from a ceramic or crystal phono cartridge and changes it to match that of a moving magnet phono cartridge.

    Solid reliable construction. All steel construction wards off the effects of stray magnetic fields.

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