Rothwell MC1-H Step Up Transformer
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Rothwell MC1-H Step Up Transformer

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Rothwell MC1-H Step Up Transformer

The MC1-H is a step-up transformer designed specifically for “high output” moving coil cartridges where the output voltage is significantly lower than a typical moving magnet cartridge (which is about 5mV). Cartidges in this category include the:
  • Denon DL-110
  • Denon DL-160
  • Benz Micro MC Silver
  • Hana EH
  • Hana SH
  • Roksan Shiraz
Any high output mc cartridge with an output voltage in the range 0.8mV to 1.8mV will benefit from an increased signal level and improved signal-to-noise ratio when used with the MC1-H. Cartridges in the range 1.8mV to 2.5mV may also benefit from the MC1-H.



turns ratio
voltage gain
input impedance*
optimum load impedance**
cartridge compatibility (o/p)
cartridge compatibility (imp.)


10dB (x3.2)
400 ohms
47k + 150pF
5Hz - 36kHz (+0/-3dB)
0.8mV - 1.8mV (ideal), 1.8mV - 2.5mV (acceptable)
internal impedance <200 ohms
60 x 155 x 92 mm

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